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QuickVPN Windows 7 64 bit RVS4000 don't ping

Using the latest Cisco QuickVPN, my Windows 7, 64 bit laptop processes the QuickVPN connection to the point where the laptop attempts to ping the router and verify the connection.  Those pings fail.

Windows firewall is ON and IPSEC is started on the laptop.  I have tried Kaspersky's firewall both enabled and disabled with no change.

I see from searching the Internet and this site that there are a number of frustrated people who have had this same, or a similar, problem.  Someone must have figured it out by now.  Please share.  I will be most grateful.


Hello Curtis,

None of the Cisco routers that support QVPN will NAT the inside network or remote network; It only routes the traffic with a route statement. This route statement is built automaticly upon connection of the VPN tunnel. That is why the remote and local subnet needs to be different. If you are having issues communicating to devices on the local network through the QVPN tunnel the firewall on the Operating system of the clients, both local and remote might need to be modified to allow the remote subnet to communicate with the local subnet.

Windows 7 and Vista are built with far more security, and require at times the firewall to be opened up.

Sorry if thier was any confusion from previous posts.

Cisco Small Business Support Center

Randy Manthey

CCNA, CCNA - Security


I would love to have this conversation in depth.  My cell # is xxx-xxx-xxxx.  I am traveling today so you may not reach me.  Can I call you?

Everything you said makes sense to me.  BUT, in our analysis, the single biggest difference we saw between a 32 bit QVPN connection and a 64 bit QVPN connection was the presence of a NAT table entry built on the RVS4000 as part of the 32 bit negotiation process.

I wish I had the time to order and investigate the software for QVPN, which I understand is in the public domain, but I don't.  This is why I am interested in purchasing something more expensive which does 'work.'

In the past, our experience with low end Cisco products is that they simply don't work as well or reliably as the more expensive product.  Life is like that.  I just don't like to waste your and my time trying fixing something that wasn't intended to work all that well to start with.




I have copied down your number, so please remove it from the forums. I will attempt to call you this afternoon due to meetings I am scheduled for the next few hours.



I have exactly the same problem, but with a rv082. Did you find a solution?


Hello Jacob,

Curtis's issue was related directly to the RVS4000.

What is the error you are getting?

Are you getting the 5 errors, or Remote Gateway error?

Cisco Small Business Support Center

Randy Manthey

CCNA, CCNA - Security