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Please, advise.

Again... Cisco people,,, do you have any plans to have a quickvpn client for windows 7 at all. I believe your loyal clients need a concrete response.

If you check the internet blogs you will find out that many people is trying to find third party answers to resolve a problem which should betaken care of by CISCO many weeks ago............

Regards, Erasmo Marcano (an unhappy customer)

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Steven Smith
Rising star
Rising star

This will be released very shortly.  I can't give the exact dates, but it is very close to being released.

This will include Windows 7 support and other Windows 64 bit support.

Thank you very much for your direct response. I feel better now.

Hope teh release does not take long.. Too many people are waiting for this r elease.

The New Quick VPN  client version has been posted to the Cisco Software  Center.
Support for Windows  Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) is available in this  release.
Users can download  the new client software by creating a CCO  account on
The Free and  Anonymous downloads will be available in the next few days.


I was happy to hear that a new release of the quickvpn was availabel to support windows 7 32 bit. However after I installed in my PC. I did a clean new install..


The Quick VPN started until it stop after started verifying network,,, after a while the program asked me if I want it to wait and later it showed this message " Remote gateway is not responding ".

After reading your the notes that came with  the new release I realized that CISCO already knew about this potential problem but did not resolved it..

Note 5 of Known Issues of release

While a QuickVPN tunnel is connected, the following message may appear:

"Remote Gateway is not responding, do you want to wait?" This issue occurs

when the remote QuickVPN Server is not responding to the ping sent by the

QuickVPN Client. This issue may be caused by the remote QuickVPN Server

temporarily overloaded. Users can ignore the pop-up message as long as the

traffic continues to flow through the tunnel.

Dear Srs, My remote QuickVPN server was not overloaded and I was still receiving this message. I was  not able to connect... I tried at different times with same results...

By the way to make sure I was not overlooking anything,, I tried to connect with another PN using the QuickVPn in a Windows XP PC and it did connected everytime...

Dear CISCO,,please complete your release for windows 7 resolving all known issues as you called it (see note 5 above)

I do have windows 7 ultimate and Cisco Small Business WRVS4400N

Regards, Erasmo Marcano (still and unhappy customer with 20 others behind with same problem).

Hi, I have been working on this for 2 weeks now and I was this close to returning my computer until...

1st step is uninstalled any firewall program that overrides Windows 7 firewall.

For example, I had Norton and it was in full control over my PC. So I uninstalled it and installed one that didn't take over my PC

Then, make sure the Windows 7 firewall is turned on. (read release notes attached)

Restart your computer then:

1. Right click on Computer Icon
2. Select Manage
3. Select Services and Applications
4. Select Services
5. Sort by Name
6. Look for and right click on IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules (Should not be disabled, if so, do the rest below)
7. Select Properties
8. Make Startup Type be: Automatic

Good luck! I just did this today and now I am able to log in to work. Before then I got the same error message you get.


Has anyone else gotten this to work? I have called and talked to the small business help line and they tell me that the Quick VPN client is a free service and they cannot tell help me put any more than they already have.

You stated that the latest QuickVPN client released until now is V. (after unzipping the files the time stamps are 2010-01-12 for most files) however along with my WRV210 came QuickVPN Version (the time-stamps for most files are 2009-05-19) how is this possible? a newer version with older time-stamps? I think cisco mess up with versioning QVPN, didn't it?  Which one is really the newest version?  Don't you believe me? Ok I posted some snapshots of both versions? By the way I haven't tested either of them on wv/w7 because I don't use wv/w7 but I want to know if qvpn works on w7 (I don't care whether or not it works on wv, after all who cares about wv? lol )

This issue is being investigated.

May have an answer soon on this.  Could be a manufacturing error.   Sorry for the delay.

I got the QuickVPN working with Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit terminating to a Cisco SA520

. The Quick

VPN looked like it was going to connect, said Verifying, then failed with

an error message that  "

Remote gateway is not responding".  I had disabled Windows firewall and re-enabled it.  The IKE service mentioned was already set to automatic.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

QVPN  v2.0.0.3 is based on QVPN v1.3.0.3, the only difference is the GUI. We changed from Linksys Branding to Cisco Small Business Branding

We are in the process of phasing a new version QVPN v1.4.0.5 to the factory, Please note it’s always recommended for customer to check the on the latest releases of software and firmware as sometimes products in distribution may have deferent version on the CD or the firmware

I hope this helps and sorry about the confusion


First of all sorry for my English.

I had the same issue and finally solved it by installing the CISCO.VPN.Client.v5.0.04.0300 (the one which is used for routers like Cisco 877) additionally into my computer (QuickVpn and CiscoVPNClient).

I found this solution by "accident", because I had a Laptop with Windows 7 in my home, where Quicvpn was working perfect from the beginning.

Then I thought that the only deference was that I had installed first the CISCO.VPN.Client to establish a vpn connection to a different place. So I tried this procedure to a new laptop and it worked also.

Hope helping you for solving this headache to...

         Well... after a some while, I decided to do a fresh install of W7 Ultimate 64 because a customer of mine is buying new laptops/pcs with W7 installed. Two days ago he told me that was unable to get qvpn to work on W7.  After W7 installation was finished on my computer and with no 3rd-party security software installed (firewall/internet securities suites)  I installed QVPN and it worked without any configuration on windows firewall.  VPN connection worked flawlessly!   I'm attaching a screenshot where you can see the following info:

My Computer's properties showing the windows version

The QVPN Active Icon on the system tray

The Connected QVPN Dialog box so you can see the qvpn version and the connection's duration

A WS2003 remote session using Remote Desktop (to the local address of my remote server)

and finally, the date and time I took the screenshot.

Second screenshot shows the same but longer connection time (an hour and half +- ) . By the way I'm using a Linksys WRV 210 for VPN access.

I will try to figure out why my customer can't connect to the wrv210 and as soon as I have an answer I will post it here.

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