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"Brick" style plug in power supplies.

I have specied an RV320 router/switch for use in some scientific equipment, it is perfect for the application with 4 switch ports on the LAN to conect internally on the instrument and a WAN port to connect to the outsisde world.


However our electrical and mechanical design engineers do not like brick power supplies because they do not plug in to the IEC distribution block used in our enclosures  and because the plugs are tailored to the local socket type and mains voltage - we do not want to use UK style square pin plugs and sockets within an enclosure that may be shipped to the US or Europe.


Is there an alternative router/switch with a built in power supply and IEC connector, or failing that is there an power supply module with an IEC connector ( preferably DIN rail mountable ) that could be used instead of the brick. Ideal would be a PSU that could be mounted in the rack mount adapter adjacent to the RV320

Jo Kern
Cisco Employee

Hi, most of our wall mount power plugs have clip on adapters so you can swap the pins for UK or standard Europe. The key indicator is the "-G5" in the order number.

The RV340 series have in-line power suppliers not wall mount, that makes the position and mounting of the brick more flexible.

If you send me a private message I can send you a power brick for RV340 , it will work on you RV320 as well.