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Return Traffic ACL

I have a ACL on an interface for incoming and outgoing tcp traffic. When i open a connection on the server i don´t get a connection. So no return traffic. maybe the server send a packet to the ip with a port and gets back a packet with a source port that will be blocked .


So whats wrong ?


ip access-list extended Test
permit icmp any any
permit tcp any any eq 2019
deny ip any any log


interface GigabitEthernet0/1
description ***Inside***
ip address
ip access-group Test in


The port is 2019 TCP for communication 


I see the packet from inside to outside is working. Then the server answer to the sorce port and this packed did not arrive.

Is the communication on tcp/Ip so that the initiation is on port 2019 and then the communication works on dynamic ports?


best regards





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