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RFC 1483 bridged EoA Cisco SRP527W in bridge mode

Hello, now I've a Cisco SRP527W, it have a LAN in range, now I need to put in bridge mode, to be transparent with my firewall, how can I do this?

Cisco Employee

RFC 1483 bridged EoA Cisco SRP527W in bridge mode


If you create a new PVC interface with EoA encapsulation, you should then be able to add this to the VLAN bridge group under LAN > VLAN Settings.

When a WAN interface is added to a VLAN bridge group, the bridge role may be set as either LAN or WAN - this determines how the layer 3 interface for the bridge is created.

Hope that helps,



Re: RFC 1483 bridged EoA Cisco SRP527W in bridge mode

A lot of thanks Andrew, unfortunately I don't understand what you want to do, there is some way to resend all querys from itnernet to a computer in the LAN? (the firewall)

MY current config:

Cisco Employee

Re: RFC 1483 bridged EoA Cisco SRP527W in bridge mode

Hi Ernesto,

I'm sorry, I misunderstood your initial request. 

I think that you just need to create a DMZ configuration - this will direct all Internet requests to your firewall.

I'm not sure which SRP model you have.  If it's an SRP520 running 1.1.x firmware, then you just need to configure Network Setup > DMZ, where the firewall is a normally addressed host in one of the SRP LAN networks.

If you have an SRP520W-U or SRP540 running 1.2.x code, then you have a choice.  Either create a hosted DMZ entry as above (Network Setup > DMZ > Software DMZ) or dedicate LAN port 4 as an isolated DMZ connection.  In this case use Network Setup > DMZ > Hardware DMZ.  Connect your firewall directly to LAN port 4 in this case.

More details on the use of these features is available in the SRP500 Admin Guide.

Hope this helps,