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Router Filter Setting

I need help on router filter setting.  I am using router model WRT160Nv3.  I have a very specific set of filtering requirements (see below) to be implemented.  I implemented all of them except the first one.  It is not clear to me how I could implement that.  I am including all the requirements because I think I run out of filtering policy (the router allows only 10 policies)

Filtering requirements:

1. Allow all machines access to internet from 3:00 to 4:00pm, and from 7:00 to 12:00 midnight (each policy can have only one time range)

2. Block 6 different sites 24 x 7 (each policy can block up to 4 sites)

3. Block 30 different keywords (each policy can block up to 4 keywords)

Couple questions:

1. What is the "combining" logic on multiple policies?  Are they AND together or OR together? Do ALLOW and DENY use the same or different logic?

2. Each policy allows only one time range.  Does it mean that I have to split requirement 1 into 2 policies, one for each range?  If I use two policies,

    it seems the "combining" logic may be difficult?

Thank you for your help in advance,



I have the same problem

did you resolve it ?


I resolved my problem.

Make sure your router is also WRT160Nv3.  My solution applies only to that model.

There were couple things that I did:

1. Reduced the number of keywords to be filtered so that they used up less policies.

2. All policies have the same logics:

    If the conditions meet, it will apply the actions.  The conditions are: time range, site names, keywords, etc.

    The actions are allow or deny corresponding to the condition.

    For example, if one of the policy said site would be blocked.  If the site occurred, that policy would

    fire and block the site.  That means the logic is OR among the policies.

3. You can use up all the conditions in the same policy.  All the conditions are independent of each other.

    For example, each keyword is blocked independent of other keywords, regardless of the time range.

4. I set up one policy with time range = 24 hours for allow.

    Then set up another policy with time range = 4:00pm to 7:00pm for deny.  That covered my time range requirements.

5. Then I set up other policies to cover sites and keywords.  Since they were all independent to each other,

    as long as the condition occurred to any one of the policies, the policy would fire and perform the action.

I hope that would answer your question.

Andrew K

Thnaks andrew I really appreciatesd your hellp