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Router recommendation needed

I have a simple (but big) home network. Everything wants ethernet connections to the internet so that I am now faced with combining switches and routers into a more simplified and reliable router. I have roughly 16-18 devices needing to be powered (DVDs, computers-Macs, TVs, et al).

Anyone have any product recommendations? Whatever device is chosen will have to distribute the internet throughout the house. Obviously the computers will need to access the ethernet printers.




Hi Montgomery, what feature set do you require? A wireless router? Gigabit (10/100/1000) LAN ports?

If you're looking to keep equipment down and don't require wireless you can try a RV016 (16 LAN ports).

If you're looking for a rugged router with gigabit LAN ports and a mature code, may look in to the RV042G.

If you require wireless connectivity then perhaps RV220W or RV180W can be good choices.

RV016 data sheet

RV042G datasheet

RV220W datasheet

RV180W datasheet

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Links don't seem to work. I keep getting:

Forbidden File or Application

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What's your budget?

What is your confidence level?

There are two levels:  The previous post, by Tom, gives you the Linksys SMB level products or you can look at the enterprise-grade level.

With the Linksys SMB level, most of the configuration will be done on a web-based.  The enterprise-grade, you can do either CLI or GUI but a number of users of this type prefer the CLI.

One question about your internet and the choice of your router:  What is the speed of your internet bandwidth.


Should have been clearer on this, sorry. I don't care about wireless. I do need at least 100/1000 LAN ports, but figure getting 10/100/1000 provides compatibility with older equipment. As for budget, I honestly have no idea what a reliable system runs. I see the business ones from Cisco around $2K which is a bit high for a home network. At the low end is $100 or so but not enough ports. So I'm trying to see if something under $500 exists.

Tom, I'll take a look at the data sheets. Thanks.


Montgomery, please log in to the Cisco website. The datasheets don't have any special access levels. You may also search for them individually simply tying in the product model names then click 'data sheets' on the left side.

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