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RV 180 Multi-NAT or one-to-one NAT with UDP traffic

We currently purchased several of the RV 180 routers for a lab setup and are having issues with the one-to-one NAT they provide. NFS access accross the router seems to not work. This appears to be because NFS uses UDP traffic which the router is having a hard time translating.

Ideally we would just use NFS over TCP, but sadly that is not an option on the limited clients behind the routers. I am curious if there is a way to set the multiple WAN IP addresses on the router so that rules can be made to associate forward UDP packets received UDP traffic on an aliased IP addresses to an interior IP?

Alternitavely I see by the Open Source Documentation provided with the RV180 routers that internally the router is using iptables. I see that there is SSH enabled on the LAN side of the routers. Unfortunately no supplied credentials can log me into this interface. What are the login credentials for this so that I can update the iptables to support the routing I need?

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