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RV-320 OpenVPN connect error bonanza


Hi All,

I am trying to configure my RV320 as an OpenVPN server. This is the second RV320 i am configuring and with the first one i had no issues at all. Setup is pretty straightforward:

  • Password only, i will reconfigure to use certificates at a later date.
  • I used both the public IP of the server and a dynamic DNS address (via noip).
  • Encryption AES 256.
  • Full Tunnel.

1. When i use port 1194 TCP I get the following error:server poll timeout trying next remote entry
2. When i use port 1723 TCP i get the following error: network_recv_error

  • Port 1194 is not blocked on the client side, i can connect my other OpenVPN server without any issues.
  • Internet provider of both OpenVPN servers is the same (
  • The modem connected to the RV320 is in bridge mode.
  • Did a portscan, port 1723 port is open, however port 1194 seems to be closed (?) Which is odd as the server should open this port...

Anyone have any ideas???? Thanks in advance!

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