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RV-325 VPN tunnel issue

Hello, Im having an issue with VPN tunnels that we created using the RV-325.  We have about 10 VPN tunnels from this router to routers at some of our client locations.  All of the routers at the client locations are also RV-325's except one, which is an RV-345. 


Some of the tunnels have been connected and been in use for over a year.  Recently (last few months) we have been unable to reach the remote networks.  The tunnels on the VPN tab of the router say that they are connected and active (on both routers)  Keep Alive, Net Bios, and the others that are on by default are enabled on these.  However, we cannot ping, travel to (via file explorer) anything on any of the remote networks.  Our router is on version which is the latest version, Some of the others vary in version but that seems to make no difference.  Our router was on a older version when this first started happening, I figured it wouldn't hurt to upgrade it to see if there's a difference, nope.


Does anyone have any ideas?  They were working before but they are not now.  Some sites suggest adding in firewall exceptions for the ports that the VPN tunnels use but I don't see why that would matter now when it hasn't in the past.


I have the same issue on my RV320. The VPN is not stable. Users use VPN for 8-10 minutes after VPN is connected. The VPN state is still connected, but can't ping the internal IP address. 

I am also looking for a solution. the firmware version had been upgraded to the latest version.