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RV016 not forwarding UDP 500 from LAN interface

The setup:

I have a server on the LAN behind my RV016 providing VPN support via port fowarding of UDP 500, 1701, and 4500. It works just fine for anyone outside the LAN.

I have one port-based VLAN on the RV016 separating a wireless access point from the rest of my LAN.

What I think should work:

I'd like a wireless client to VPN to the WAN IP Address of my RV016 which, in turn, forwards the traffic along to the server.

What's working:

The RV016 correctly forwards packets originating from the wireless VLAN destined for UDP 1701 and 4500 and any other TCP ports I setup for testing.

What's not working:

The RV016 does not forward any UDP 500 packets that originate from the LAN. They seem to be accepted by the actual LAN interface and never reach the server.

In my RV016 access logs there are no entries for connection through the other forwarded ports but I do see this for any of my traffic on UDP 500:

DateTimeConnection AcceptedUDP private.LAN.ip:500->public.WAN.IP:500 on MAC=30:eUDP

Thanks for any help or clarification.

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