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RV016 - QoS questions


Good evening everyone

I'm a network administrator and I have been struggling with QoS and I will explain why.

My RV016 is directly connected to the modem and to a gigabit switch as well. there's only one cat6 carrying the traffic to the switch, which is connected to every single device that we have in our network, including IP telephones.

The RV016 provides two types of QoS which is the prioritazation of an application, where I have already configured to prioritize RTP traffic for voice(ports5000-9000). However, if I prioritize the port which carries all my network traffic with a "High"priority, I BELIEVE it will prioritize and tag every type of traffic that is being passed through the wire, making my application QoS configuration completely useless. I had never taken any QoS courses, so I'm just assuming that this is what is going to happen. .

My question here is, if I leave out the port that carries all the traffic with a "normal" priority tag instead of "High" and prioritize RTP traffice through application QoS, will that be enough to prioritize RTP traffic? Or do I need to configure each IP Phone to a port and prioritize the port  to high as well to ensure that RTP traffice will be prioritized?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


Whenever QOS  is implemented it has certain criteria in which it has to match or it will not apply the QOS  to the frame.

There is port based, where everything that passes through that port will receive the higher quality of service than the other ports.

Then there is protocol or ip based QOS, where if the protocol matches that protocol or port number then it receives the QOS.  If it is ip based, it has to match the ip address range you specify to receive the QOS.

So if you have QOS implemented to match those protocol ports, then only if the traffic matches that criteria verbatim will it be applied.

In the Switching world, you have to create acl's to match certain criteria to apply qos.  You can say any packet in a certain ip address scheme, matching this protocol port will receive this QOS.

Hope this helps expain QOS  a little bit for you.

Thanks for the quick reply David

Well, then I assume that any traffic that matches the port numbersI have selected is currently receiving higher quality of service, which is exactly what I wanted to know. I just wasn´t sure if I needed to give priority to the port based where this traffic passes through as well, but as you´ve mentioned, if I apply this, everytraffic will be implemented with higher priority, not only the port numbers I have marked but everything else.

If I got it wrong, please correct me! Thanks again  

David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I have seen some people set port based qos, if they were unsure of the protocols and ports to prioritize.  Its a lazy way of doing qos for everthing coming through that port. 

Like if you had a pc and phone connecting to a port on the router and did port based both data and voice traffic would be treated equally through that port.  But if you prioritized the sip and rtp ports then only that traffic would receive the qos.

Thank you for clarifying QoS David. I really appreciate it! 

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