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RV042 and WRVS4400N site-to-site vpn with SIP connectivity issues

Site A has the RV042 and Site B has WRVS4400N. I am doing a site-to-site vpn which connects without a problem according to the interfaces. Issue one is that I am having is that the SIP server main ip cannot be pinged from the remote site (Site B) even though the vpn is active. The next issue is that the internet connectivity drops intermittently when the site-to-site vpn is active. Right now RV042 is only configured with one active wan address and no other major configuration changes beside ip info. The site-to-site vpn is the default options expect for the security which is setup with 3DES. Anyone have an idea on where to start to resolve this?

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Hello Mr. Gorjaczew,I would

Hello Mr. Gorjaczew,

I would first check on the RV042 under system management > Bandwidth management.  Depending on what hardware version you are on the Bandwidth will either be set to 512 KBps or 10000 KBps for WAN1 and WAN2.

If your version has 512 KBps adjust it to 10000 KBps for both up and downstream bandwidth.

I would start there until I know how much bandwidth you are getting from your ISP.



Michael D.



Hi Michael,The bandwidth is

Hi Michael,

The bandwidth is 100 Mbps Down and 10 Mbps Up at Site A and Site B has 50 Mbps down and 5 Mbps Up. I have Site A maxed out.