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RV042 can't open any port!


I have a RV042 Dual Wan. Two internets balanced wow! who would've thought that the headaches were waiting patiently right down the corner.

I was working with a 2wire Gateway that came with my ISP. I was able to open the ports in order to have public access for my students and teachers to upload their work. All I had to do was to allow my server ip address to have access to different ports blocked by the ISP. I used in order to verify if my port was open.

I bought the RV042 for various reasons like excellent content blocking, load balancing, quick vpn, among other. But I just can't open the port 80 while having having my two ISP connected with load balancing, not even while having only one modem connected.

I have resolved many issues using the protocol binding. I have tried everthing. I just don't undertand something.

Whenever I connect my server to my old router, "" tells me that my port 80 is open.

Whenever I connect my servet to the RV042-DW, my port appears closed.

So it's not any OS issues. 

I've tried:

- To forward the TCP 80~80 port to my server static ip address... but failed

- To enable UPnP function with the same port... but failed

- To configure the port triggering with the same port.. but failed.

- To disable the firewall.. but failed.

- To use transparent bridge in the WAN1 with my 2wire Gateway... but failed

- To set up an account in DNS.ORG already had one, everythings is in green.. but failed.

- To change the configuration in my old 2Wire Gateway router to allow a DMZ zone so all ports are public... but failed.

- To assign RV042 router ip address in my old 2Wire allowing that specific address to allow certain ports to be public... but failed.

I have the  Firmware v4.0.4.02 from DEC/11



Which leads us to the second preoccupation. If I can't make port 80, or port 21 to be public then could i set a QuickVPN successfully?

Is it possible to bridge a RV042 Dual Wan to a RV042 V3 Dual Wan to bring 3 ISP's downstream loading balance into 4 outputs.?

First Router

1st ISP  = 2Wire Gateway 1Mbps Down , 0.5Mpbs Up

2nd ISP = Same as 1st

Second Router

3rd ISP = Dedicated Internet access 2Mbps UP and DN

Would that produce a 3Mpbs Down, 2.5Mpbs up?


Just in the configuration for WAN1 choose PPPOE connection , type the user and pass for ISP the you'll get the public ip directly in the router.

Then the port forwarding fuction flawlessly, flawlessly !!! I TELL YOU!!!