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RV042 drops VPN

I have an RV042 connected via VPN to the office (to a LinkSys DFL-700).

Sometimes the VPN is dropped and never activates again.

In this state, if I try to connect to the WEB interface, I can log in, but the router hangs at the login screen.

I have to power recycle the router to make it work again.

Updated to latest firmware for V3 hardware.

The funny thing is that services from the WEB routed through to local IP adresses on the lan is still accessible.

I have setup PPPT VPN on the router, and that also fails to work.

Is there, as a workaround, any possibility to access the routers reset page or access via TELNET to reset the router?

This migth be useful, when I'm out. (I have a backup solution to access the local network at home).


Johnny Rose Larsen


Hi Johnny,

The web interface you are reaching may be just stored in cache.  Can you ping the local IP address of the router when you hit the web interface?  On the RV042 do you have the Dead Peer Detection enabled?  If not you may want to turn this option on for your VPN.  This will ensure that if there is an interruption in the communication the tunnel will be rebuilt properly.

In regards to your question about telnet access…The RV042 does not have this ability.

Thank you,

Jason Nickle

Hi Jason.

Yes, I can ping the router and all router functionality, except VPN connections and administration page, are working.

Refreshing the web-page just puts me back to the login page and the same happens again.

(ie. hangs after login).

The Dead Peer Detection is enabled.

Only solution is to power-cycle the router.




I think you should open a case with Cisco Small Business to troubleshoot the issue further.  You should always be able to reach the Web administration page locally to the router.  The phone number is 1-866-606-1866.

Thank you,

Jason Nickle


Hi all,

I had the same problem (after some uptime, i can open the login-page, input my credentials, but do not get any further).

After some testing, I found out that it must be some kind of Memory-Problem:

The amount of time after a reboot, until this behaviour occurs, depends on the amount of alterts being logged.

If you disable logging of the firewall-rules, and clear the log every day, you will be running for quite a while, without this problem.

I have opened a supportcase with cisco, and they are aware of my findings.

If this will lead to an official solution, well.....

Cheers, sean