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RV042 NAT two public ip's to one private ip

Hello all,

I have a RV042 Dual WAN router. I have two WAN connections (DSL and T-1).

I would like to NAT a public IP on each WAN connection to a single IP in my private pool.

I  am trying to NAT my email server with redundancy to each WAN. The first  entry works just fine, but when I enter the second NAT I get the  response:

"Some Private IP Addresses in the range were alreadly in the list. You can not add it to the list again"

If I can't NAT the two public IP's, the router is worthless to me.

Does this router not support what I am trying to do?

Thanks for any info or feedback.


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Re: RV042 NAT two public ip's to one private ip

You are going about it the wrong way, you don't need to configure NAT at all, its port forwarding what needs to be configured.

I assume a full mail server, then in Setup - Forwarding add all the required services forwarded to your mail server.  That is, for a "full mail server" SMTP, SMTPS, SUBMISSION, IMAP, IMAPS, POP3, POP3S (yes, some of these are already defined, others you have to define first with "Service Management" which doesn't allways work, you have to keep trying until it works -- yep one of the many bugs on the RVs).

Don't forget to undo any NAT configuration you did.  With port forwarding mail will go in and out through either WAN; but of course you need a DNS configuration to make that available by name and MX, I use both addresses with the same priority as MX, with a random response, but that is another subject not pertinent to the RV router.