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RV042 one to one NAT settings not working

Hello experts,

I have a problem trying to set up one to one NAT for external access to internal servers. Once I do a NAT setting for an internal machine, all outbound access from that machine is gone.

The following example tries to configure an internal windows XP machine to be externally accessed via RDP on port 3389 (default RDP port). The following IP addresses are made up but are used consistently throughout to illustrate what I have trying to achieve.


1. RV042 sits behind a 2wire modem

2. External IP assigned to the RV042 (

3. RV042's DHCP is turned on

4. XP Machine's IP address is "reserved" as


1. One to one NAT is set up as: (External IP) with (Internal IP)

2. Added firewall rule to enable access via RDP as: Priority 1-> Enable -> Allow -> RDP [3389] -> Source (Any) -> Destination ( -> Always On

The F/W rule in 2 ensures that LAN and WAN access to over RDP is allowed. I have tested it internally, accessing the machine via RDP from another machine on the LAN and it works. (which proves that the windows firewall rule configuration on for RDP is working)


1. I should not need to set up any port forwarding rules as the F/W in 2 is sufficient.

2. RDP access from external is not working, however, internally it works

3. Outbound access to WAN from

Can anyone with prior experience with setting up one to one NAT on RV042 or similar device help me out here?


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