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RV042 Random Reset

Today we came in and our RV042 (v 3) had cleared it's configuration and gone back to default settings. Of course, it was a huge inconvenience, and has made me apprehensive about putting the unit back in place, even though I was able to configure the unit again.

Has a bug been reported or has anyone else had this issue?

One other thing: my unit - which was only recently purchased and put into service - had a firmware date of Apr of 2013. I upgraded it to the most recent version (Apr 2014), but couldn't see anything in the release notes related to this issue.

Please help me resolve this ASAP.

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Hello,I'm sorry you are


I'm sorry you are having issues with this device as it is a very unusual problem.

To answer your question, no, there is not a report of a known bug in regards to you problem and it could be an isolated incident, or, less likely, a hardware issue with your particular unit.

My recommendation would have been to upgrade to the latest and greatest (which you already did), make sure that you create a backup of your current configuration, You can follow this link for instructions:

And put it back in production. If you experience the issue again, restore the configuration from the backup, call us at 866-606-1866 to create  a case on this device and mention this forum post so that we can help you resolve the issue.

Most than likely this is an isolated incident.

Let us know if you have any more questions.


I have 2 each RV042's that

I have 2 each RV042's that both corrupted and crashed this week. I just installed these 6 week ago and I also upgraded them to version before putting into production. I was on the web interface when I noticed the text "No more SYSTEM" in a few spots on the RV042 web interface where there should have been other data like an IP address. I rebooted from the web interface the router went back to the default configuration. The other one would not take the password anymore on the web interface so I had to power cycle it and it also dumped the configuration and I had to do a factory reset from the reset button. Not to happy with these. 


Here we go again. I bought 2

Here we go again. I bought 2 more of these RV042's. Followed the advice to reset, upgrade firmware, and rest again. My third unit ran for 3 weeks. I logged into the admin console to make a change to the WAN mask. Hit save and "No more SYSTEM" appears in the WAN IP field. Log out and now not able to login. Message that I'm using the wrong password. Now I have to drive to the remote office and I'll bet if I power cycle the unit the config will be erased. Why is this happening on 3 new units under warranty installed in 3 different offices? What does "No more SYSTEM" actually mean?


Hi Robert,If it is any

Hi Robert,

If it is any consolation, I know how you feel.  This is our exact same situation with these units.


Wondering if any solutions

Wondering if any solutions were found for this problem.

We have around 100 units.  Happening to RV042s and RV082s.

Happening on multiple versions of firmware as well


There was no solution

There was no solution discovered. I changed the RV042's out for RV320's. The RV320 did not have the problem losing the config but had a different problem where it would start dropping packets or just quit routing all together for 10 min or even an hour and then start working again. Sometimes had to reboot them to get it working again. Since then I have quit using the Cisco SMB product and replaced them with Sonicwall. The cost is twice as much but operation is error free.


We have abadoned the Cisco

We have abadoned the Cisco Small Business gear as well.  Just cannot be trusted.  

Have been have very good luck with the TP-LINK routers we have used in their place.  No issues.


Thank you both for your

Thank you both for your replies,  that looks like the way we're heading.

May I ask what model of Sonicwall / TP-Link you've gone with for your SMB?






Depending on need.

I like the SonicWall too... it just depends on what you need, etc.


Sonicwall TZ300

Sonicwall TZ300

Cisco Employee

Robert, do you have a case

Robert, do you have a case with Technical Support opened on this? if so can I get it?




Tech support said to install

Tech support said to install a UPS to protect the RV042. I'm going to do this anyway but I also got an RMA from my vendor and am returning 3 units for a full credit. I'm going to try the RV320 which only costs a little more. Hopefully that will work better and with a UPS there should be no more excuses.


ALL the units we have had

ALL the units we have had issues with.... are connected to a UPS.  (FYI)


I would like to also confirm

I would like to also confirm the same issue.  If you logon to the unit you will find "
No More System" in several areas.  If you try to backup the startup config or mirror you get no file exist.  What is going on with these units?


If you reboot the unit, the whole config blows out.