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RV042 router hangs during software reboot

I have 4 Linksys RV042 routers that form a VPN  hub and 3 spokes.  Each of the 3 remote RV042s have a single gateway-gateway VPN tunnel configured to my central site..  I just acquired a new Cisco RV042 router (firmware and configured it as a 4-th spoke with 1 gateway-gateway tunnel to my central Linksys RV042 router.  If the VPN tunnel is manually disabled (at either end), I can successfully reboot the Cisco RV042, and successfully reload its configuration file (which causes a reboot).  However, if the VPN tunnel is connected between the new RV042 and my central site RV042, the new Cisco RV042 will not complete a reboot, either using the Reboot button from the web interface or from reloading its configuration file. It stops responding to both its LAN and WAN IP addresses, but never gets to the point of flashing the DIAG light that it normally does during the reboot.  If I power-cycle the system, it will successfully reboot.  Any suggestions as to why this happens, and how do ensure that a reboot of the new Cisco router (when done remotely) will succeed and not hang?  I do not have this problem with my Linksys RV042 systems (firmware  Thanks.

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