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RV042 Series Router + L2TP Passthrough to SBS 2011 Server

I've completed configured the SBS 2011 Server to change over from PPTP VPN to L2TP VPN as iOS devices no longer supports PPTP to work when tethered to a device.


I've confirmed that internally on the wired & wireless network that if I make the L2TP connection using the proper username & password & preshared key that the VPN connects & functions exactly as it should, please note that the laptop used was my own & was not part of the clients domain.


On the RV042 series router, I've disabled the PPTP VPN (They were using QuickVPN before for some reason instead of Windows VPN), & I've enabled L2TP Passthrough, & went as far as setting up my port forwards (UDP 1701, 500, & 4500) pointing directly to the SBS Server.


However when I try either the L2TP VPN from my remote office, or my laptop now tethered to my smartphone it stops the connection dead at the router instead of passing through as it is supposed to do.


Has anyone else experienced this & if so could you share your resolution as I could not find this in the forums at all.


Thank you

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Re: RV042 Series Router + L2TP Passthrough to SBS 2011 Server

I know this is eons later but I have having the exact same issue.

However I do see the request come in from my computer, but the RV042 does not forward this to my SBS2011 as I see no audit logs in my event viewer.

Logs from RV042:

Connection Accepted UDP>207.61.XXX.XXX:500 on eth1

Wondering if I do a firmware upgrade on it will help as it is currently running v4.1.1.01-sp (Dec 6 2011 20:03:18)