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RV042 SIP dual wan register problem

I have two wan connection one from ADSL modem, and another is from our campus network. I use load balance between those two links. I have a Elastix Soft PBX need to connect to an outside SIP trunk. For safe reason, I forced all traffic from that Elastix box to use ADSL link (WAN1). But I experience SIP registration problem from my Elastix to outside SIP server when Dual Wan is enabled. Elastix box always fail to register to outside SIP server if WAN2 is enabled. It will suddenly register successfully once I disabled Wan2 port. After I enabled Wan2 port again, the SIP will continue to be register succefully for a while, and will eventually fail after few hours.

"Enable Network Service Detection" is un checked.


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RV042 SIP dual wan register problem

anyone can help with this?

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RV042 SIP dual wan register problem

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Hi Sean my name is Johnnatan and I am part of the Small business Support community. First at all disulpe for any inconvenience you are having. You can bind a specific kind of traffic to a Wan conecction in your device, in this case you can assign the port wich you are having problems to a specific WAN (1 or 2) using protocol binding, you can follow these steps in order to configure it.

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