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RV042, SLM2008 and tagged VLAN

Dear Experts!

I'm about to replace the router that my ISP provides  with something that is more reliable and that lets through SIP (VoIP  phone).

My ISP provides internet (VLAN 102) and IP-Television  (VLAN 101). I need to have 2 seperate LAN's on the inside that is  potected from each other. My plan was to use a RV082 but I found out it  does not support tagged VLAN.

So will one SLM2008 and one RV042 do the job or is there an easier way to do it with just one box?

My planned setup:


One port to ISP's fibre media converter (VLAN 102 and VLAN 101 tagged)

3 ports for television (VLAN 101 untagged) connected to Motorola settop boxes

1 port for internet (VLAN 100 untagged) connected to RV042 WAN port

The  4 LAN ports on the RV042 can be set to seperate VLAN's. The 4 ports  will be on the same subnet and share the same DHCP pool but traffic on  one port cannot be seen by a device connected to an oher port. And  devices connected to one LAN port cannot communicate with devices on one  of the other LAN ports.

Have I understood this last bit correctly? Others have  successfully used SLM2008 with my ISP so this part will work if I  manage to set it up correctly.

Best Regards,

Jone T.

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Re: RV042, SLM2008 and tagged VLAN


This forum primarily deals with Cisco Enterprise switches so much of the knowledge is about those which may explain why your'e question hasn't be answered. The SLM2008 is a small business switch and they have their own forums on CSC. No offence is intended, it's just that if you move this post to that forum you should get an answer to your question -



RV042, SLM2008 and tagged VLAN

Thanks Jon, I have moved it to small business routers.


RV042, SLM2008 and tagged VLAN

It looks like RV320 or RV325 is a better choice than the RV042 for this.