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RV042 v3 can't authenticate, can't log in, can't VPN

I have a new RV042 v3. It functions fine as a router and forewall but unless I reboot it, I lose the ability to log in to the web interface from the LAN or VPN in from the WAN, It is as if the authentication stops working.

After a day or so, when I try to log in via a web browser (any browser) the little spinny thing twirls for a few revolutions then stops and then nothing.

VPN access also works for a day or two and then the connection attempt just times out, even trying different accounts.

I upgraded to the lates firmware and that didn't help. Cisco sent me a new one, that didn't help either.

     Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



RV042 v3 can't authenticate, can't log in, can't VPN

Same exact problem here.  No help from anyone anywhere.  :-(

Seriously, how hard is it to coordinate among the giant companies and just deliver products that work together????  The RV042 is supposed to be "business class" and is sold as a small business router.  Connecting iOS devices from disparate IPs (while out and about at airports, random coffee shops, etc.) via VPN is *exactly* what small businesses want.  Why isn't this a two click solution?

AAARGH!  Not Happy.

Rising star

RV042 v3 can't authenticate, can't log in, can't VPN

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Post Forums.

I am sorry to hear about your issues.

Mr. Konc, could you give me your case number I would like to look into it.

captain murf, when you say iOS devices, are you talking apple products? Or do you mean IOS enterprise devices? Apple products and VPN are a unique setup to any network device. What exactly are you trying to do, I will try to help.  Have you called in before, if so what was your case number as well. 

Eric Moyers
Cisco Network Support Engineer
SBSC WIreless and Surveillance SME
CCNA, CCNA-Wireless