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RV042 vpn&port forwarding problems


I spent a few days trying to configure  the RV042 router but I messed up. I need this router for VPN access on my  site and Port Forwarding to an internal web server. Apparently very  simple task, isn't it?


1. PPTP is working fine but I need more than 5 concurrent accesses.

2.  Quickvpn does not work when the DHCP server is checked  and I can't  access any computer from my lan. I have a DHCP server in my LAN but when  I'm conected through Quickvpn I never reach it. In the log file there  are messages like:

Connection refused - Policy violation TCP 169.254.x.x-> (DHCP server from my lan)

3.  On Setup > Forwarding I added a Port Range Forwarding for HTTP port  80 to an internal IP address (192.168.1.x). I although added a firewall  access rule to allow traffic to Port 80 from any source interface and  any source IP to 192.168.1.x.

From the internal LAN, using the WAN IP of the router,  the Port forwarding works but not form the outside, though in the log file of the router it appears to work:

Connection Accepted TCP>192.168.1.x:80 on ixp1

What could I have done wrong?

The  router is configured with a static address as a gateway and it has the  latest firmware The access rules are the default ones and  the one I added.

Any help would be much apreciated.


Alejandro Gallego
Cisco Employee

Can't answer as to why QVPN fails when you enable DHCP on the router, but concidering your requirements it seems to be a moot point. So, you have a DHCP server on your network which I will guess is also running your Web service. If this is a Windows server does your current configuration allow you to enable PPTP on it? If so, that would solve the five user limit. You will need to turn off the PPTP server on the router and then forward port 1723 TCP to your server and you are done. As for your http access, remove any rule that you have in reference to "allow" port 80 connectivity to your web server. Not sure why but this tends to confuse the poor little things. Once you have verified that port 80 is active on the server via the LAN (which you already have) then you are done. If you are still not successful with the connection to the server from the WAN you may want to default the router and start over (lame I know).

*** SORRY, just noticed that you stated that you added a "port range" forwarding rule. Remove that, and configure a UPnP rule for the same server instead. Do not know why they call it that, they just do. This is the same as configuring a single port forward they just call it something different. So just port forward 80 tcp to your server on 192.168.1.x and you are done.

Thx for reply Alejandro,

I tried the the UPnP too but with no success. It's the same like Port Forwarding: from LAN is working, from WAN is not.

So if I the port forwarding is not working, I can't use the windows  server for RRAS. I'll try a reset to factory default settings and start  over again.