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RV042 VPN Tunnel Established - Can ping routers across tunnel, not CPU's

Hi All.  Looking to answer a burning question, and see how/ why I cannot ping (or see)  system across the VPN tunnel although I can ping routers from across the tunnel.  The tunnels are connected and established, and they remain up.  From both sites, I have this enabled.

advanced ip pic.PNG

I also have this enabled, static routes, pointing at each other: (in the pic below, the router at Site #2 at 192.168.0.x is pointing to 192.168.1.x)

advanced routing.PNG

Block wan request is disabled on the firewall on both routers.  Still, if I'm on the network at site #2, I cannot ping any of the machines at Site #1, even though I can ping the routers interal address at site #1).

I have upgraded to th elatest firmware on both routers.

As you can see, I'm trying just about everything - Any advice would be sincerely appreciated, as the entire idea is to brige the offices.  Thanks so much!



Hi Lance,

you should post the IP info from WAN interfaces on boot routers. Don't use Compres option if you really don't need it. You don't need routing do be able to ping from network at site#1 to network at site#2. If your WAN interfaces have public IP address, then you don't need to turn on the option NAT Traversal. When you chek all this, then check that machines on both networks have default gateway set to LAN IP address of corresponding router, or have a route to other site's network accross LAN IP address of corresponding router (e.g. machines in site#1 should have default gateway or route to accross and vice versa).

Good Luck,


Mr. Omar,

Thanks so, so much for your time!  Where would I make sure each router has a default gateway to the other one?

Again, I really appreciate the assistance.  I set these up fairly often, but haven't run into a situation like this where I'm having trouble pinging acorss an established tunnel.  Never run into this before : (.



Hi Lance,

that is done by default...when packet enters router's LAN port and that packet is destinated to remote local network, the packet is tunneld through established tunnel. You just make sure that machines that is sending echo request has a route to other network through VPN router, and that machine that is being "pinged" has a route to origination network  through its side VPN router...

Your situation is this:


So machine on site#1 should have a route: over (assuming that is LAN IP of the VPN router on site#1)

Machine on site#2 should have a route: over (assuming that is LAN IP of the VPN router on site#1)

Good Luck,