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Geoff Wilson

RV042 with 2 DSL modems/routers

I have a location with 2 trailers, and when the initial setup was done, someone decided it would be best to have an individual DSL line for each trailer.  They need ot be connected, so they can all access a NAS.  Recently had a wiring tech run the additional cable between the trailers so we could hook up the DSL line and switch to each others' trailers.

To complicate the matter, I am located in Virginia, and I am trying to setup the RV042 in California, over the phone.

First Attempt:  In Virginia, hooked up local LAN cable to the Internet port, and a Netopia router into the DMZ/Internet.  Everything worked beautifully.

Second Attempt: In California,  Had them hook up the first DSL to the internet port, and a fully populated 8 port switch into Port 1 on the RVO42.  No access to the internet,  We are able to access the web interface of the RV042, and it shows a DHCP address on WAN1, of, and Default Gateway of ( Verizon modem ) (Local Lan on the RV042 is 192.168.3.x )

Called Verizon, who had me change the settings on the modem, to change it to bridged mode.  power cycled everything, plugged in the same way,... no internet.  WAN 1 is still showing

Should the WAN1 connection be getting the actual IP from Verizon?  Or should it still appear to be getting a DHCP from the Verizon modem/router.

Once this gets working, we can connect the second DSL, and the second switch to the setup.

Does anyone have any advice?



I have a similar application where I have one DSL line and modem located in one building and a second in another building, both buildings are connected by fiber.  The advantage is that the second building is on a different provider circuit providing redundancy for my access to the service provider.

Each modem has two public IP address assigned, from the ISP, with a route to the IP which I programmed to the inside or Ethernet port of the DSL modems.  I have the Ethernet port of the second DSL modem connected to the local switch and then connect a port from the internal switch at the main building to the second WAN/DMZ port of the RV042. If you have VLAN capability on your switches you could segment the DSL modem traffic originating from the second source.

The RV052 is programmed just as if the two WAN soources were sitting next to each other.

I hope this helps you with your application.