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RV042G cannot support more than 2-3 IPSec Pass through connections


I'm trying to figure out what the max number of IPSec VPN pass through connections the RV042G can handle.  We bought an RV042G router to replace our old RV042 box which was running into connection limitations.  There are approximately 15 people in the office and anywhere from 5-8 of them need to vpn to a single client site.   There seems to be an issue with UPNP where it creates the proper port forwarding but doesn't associate it with an internal IP address.  Giving each workstation a static internal IP doesn't solve this issue.  The remote site we are connecting to does have NAT-T turned on.  What ends up happening is that after a while, users cannot vpn.  Sometimes it happens with fewer than three users.  Clearing the UPNP and rebooting the router helps but eventually if you connect and disconnect, a few times, you're hosed.   The UPNP doesn't release the setting it makes in a timely fashion.  Is there any way to fix this besides turning off UPNP which we need for other software to work?

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