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RV042G Multi Wan Issues

Ok. I have been doing some looking around, and my current conclusion is that I can not do what I would like to. At least, with what I have currently going on. The purpose of this thread/discussion is to verify that I can or can not do what I would like to do.

I have my ISP sending me two public IPs, on the same line, but they are dynamic. I don't know what the second public IP is.

The goal was to setup two computers, with port fowarding on two public IPs via 1:1 NAT. This would be nice because there are vaious web applications/services (games) that require port forwarding. As I understand, you can only forward one unique port to one unique public IP. Thus, requesting a second IP from the ISP.

I appriciate any help given, and I appologize if there is a topic out there that cover this. I tried looking as best I could, but most didn't cover the user (me) dealing with dynamic public IPs.

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RV042G Multi Wan Issues

Hi Sean, if you have dynamic IP's, those port forwardings are going to break along with any other kind of mappings such as 1:1  NAT.

Quite honestly, I've never heard of an ISP giving out a block of 2 or more IP addresses that are dynamic. That in itself is pretty odd.

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