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RV082 lan subnet mask


I would like to set the subnet mask off the lan to but the selection menu do not allow to do it.

Is there a way to do that ?

thank you very much for any hellp


jean-yves heddebaut



Let me guess: the same artificial limit as with the RV220W

read here:

Rising star

You can add multiple subnets under Setup>Network to increase the size of the network on the LAN side.


That's indeed possible but a crappy solution...

To do that in the above situation jean-yves he has to create 15 subnets and setup all static routes for these in the router. It will also mean that the router has to do all the subnet<->subnet traffic which normally only would reach the switches... thus creating a bottleneck in the router...

The real solution would be to remove this artificial limit in the firmware (both for the RV082 and the RV220W).


One of the reasons Cisco Small Business routers do not support a bigger subnet mask such as is due to the capacity of the processor and memory, which cannot properly handle the workload generated by the 500 DHCP clients in its LAN.


So you're having a subnet which CAN contain 500 clients. That doesn't mean there are 500 DHCP clients, what about mixed networks?
Even then, a lot of people use another server for DHCP services...

And then there's this question: what if I create 4 subnets... How's the internal DHCP server handling that, as that's a possible 2000 DHCP clients in total... or can the internal DHCP server handle only 1 subnet, which would force you anyhow to use an external DHCP server...


Thank you guys for your comments.

I agree with Servaas. I find these restrictions very frustrating and unnecessary.

I had this idea that a router Cisco would easy to manage, but I am very disappointed.

A simple "user friendly" web interface is nice, but it should be possible to overcome it's limitations (why isn't a ssh access possible ?)

Anyway, my problem is:

     we have a LAN

     and we would like external users to access some addresses of this LAN from outside via a VPN tunnel

Seems to be quite simple isn't it -:)

except that some external users are connecting via other LAN (from home or hotels), which could have the same IP range as our LAN.

It is not practically possible to modify the external user's LAN IP range.

It is also not practical to change our LAN IP range to, for exemple, because there are many PC's on this LAN (and only a few need to be accessible from the VPN)

My idea was to extend our lan range to, so that we could put the LAN ressources that must be accessible via the VPN on the IP range.

This is easy to do. I could even live with the cisco mask, except that I cannot connect to the CIsco router via my local PC which is on the subnet, so each time I have to manage the router, I have to change my PC IP to an 192.168.2. address.

If anyone has a better idea on how to avoid the IP address conflicts via VPN, it would be greatly appreciate




Hi Jean, unfortunately, this is not a Cisco limitation. This is a limitation for all vendors, that is the nature of VPN. You may want to explore using the PPTP options as then it means the router will assign the remote computers an IP address from the router. Perhaps that will help overcome this problem.

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I have to agree with Thomas on this. That problem is not being caused by the limitation in the subnet.