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RV082 port forwarding limited to 30 entries ?


we use RV082 as main gateway and need to open/forward around 50 ports to inside. But during setting of the rules I got an error message "The max of Port Range Forwarding is 30 entries. You can't add any more.".

In the online help is explicitely said "4. Click the Add to List button, and configure as many entries as you would like."

How can we setup more than 30 port forwarding rules ?

If it is this a sotfware bug, can this be corrected ?


Petr Svoboda

Te-Kai Liu
Rising star

RV0xx supports 30 port-range forwarding rule, each of which can cover a range of ports.

RV0xx also supports "asymmetric" forwarding rules (under Setup>UPnP), where the incoming/external port is different from the outgoing/internal port.

If you have even more ports to be forwarded, you may consider configuring a wider range of ports to make the most of each port-range forwarding rule.

Thank you for the tips. Using UPnP is not prefered, but seems the only possible way for us. "Unfortunatelly" the ports are forwarded to 8 servers and it's very hard to group the ports together. Anaway, due to the Windows servers, we don't want to expose them more than really needed.


Petr Svoboda

Although asymmetric forwarding rule is configured under Setup>UPnP, the UPnP checkbox does not need to be checked/enabled.

Petr, I agree with tekliu.  I use the UPnP rules with UPnP disabled for all of my port forwarding, unless a range is needed.  They should not cause any more exposure than regular Forwarding rules, and if you use port translation they will reduce your exposure.

The only differences:

Forwarding allows port ranges

Forwarding has a "Port Triggering" section

UPnP allows port translation (because it's only single port at a time, not a range)

UPnP has unlimited entries


It says the maximum number of upnp entries is 30 you can't add any more yet in the list are more than 40.

I don't see that checkbox for allowing asymmetric upnp.

The only checkbox that I have is for enabling the rule.