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I have had two RV082 V.3 routers and both of them has problem with Wan Connection on WAN[1] Port.

Following messages from System log: NSD FAIL WAN[1]. WAN[2] works fine.

Firmware is v4.0.3.03-tm (May 12 2011 21:27:37).

Serialnr: NKS11070816

Is this a Hardware problem?

Thanks in advance

Stefan Söderlund


David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


Wan 2 works with the same connection that wan 1 was connected with or is it a different connection?

Has wan 1 ever worked?


I don't think so. When receiving a new router NSD FAIL WAN[1] appears

immediately. Confirmed with two Routers(RV082 v3.)

/Stefan S

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 2:58 PM, davicarr <

I am using an RV082 and it seems we started seeing this as well.  We have two WAN's and WAN1 is going out every so often and it appears to be good.  I know this post is ancient, but is this a hardware issue I should know about?

I am using Cisco RV 320. I am was having the same issue. Actually the issues were multiple.

1.) Never register a connection

2.) NSD Fail Issue.

I rang Cisco, they said the hardware is faulty, therefore I bought a second router (same model), cisco determined that the hardware is faulty in the second one as well and to return immediately.

I returned the second one, but I kept the first one without returning.

I managed to turn it around -- This router does not like any firmware upgrades, I put it back to Factory default by resetting the router and manually configured all again, then all the problems vanished. Was working well.

Until last week, when I tried to add a new fiber connection, I will try another factory reset and if not, high time to move on.

These are ex-Linksys routers..

If any other new ideas please share

Hi Again!

I'ts 2 separated ports for Wan 1 & 2.

/Stefan S

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 2:58 PM, davicarr <

David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Can you plug the connection that is on wan 2 into wan 1?  This will verify if the wan is working, or if there is a hardware issue with the rv082.


Yes I can, and when plugging in the WAN Cable in WAN1 and WAN configuration

is applied the Message NSD FAIL WAN[1] appears.

/Stefan S

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 7:36 PM, davicarr <

Hi, I have these same problems.

Serial Number : NKS17270865Firmware Version : v4.2.2.08 (Apr 26 2013 19:12:26)
PID VID : RV042 V03Firmware MD5 Checksum : 9f4450cc2cc023dc0e9d6aef842afd48

2 different ISP, connecting to WAN 1 - NSD FAIL WAN [1], on WAN 2 - everything works fine

How can I solve this problem?


NSD Fail means that Network Service Detection failed to get a response from whatever it is configured to ping. In the Dual-WAN settings you can change the NSD to connect to the router's Default Gateway, ISP Host, Remote Host or DNS Lookup Host. You can also adjust the Retry Count and Retry timeout as well as decide what happens when there is a failure. (Log or Disconnect)

If you are getting a lot of these errors I recommend that you check with your ISP and see if there is an intermittent internet connection. You can also adjust the settings to control what NSD connects to and how frequently.

Please reply and let us know if this helps or if you have any other questions.

- Marty

Hi i have the same problem with my router RV082 / Firmware Version: v4.1.1.01-sp /
Every morning and every afternoon my connection interrupted and this is what is seen in the system log
Jun 19 23:44:03 2014 System Log NSD FAIL WAN [1]

Jun 19 15:41:44 2014 System Log NSD FAIL WAN [1]
Jun 18 23:46:40 2014 System Log NSD FAIL WAN [1]

Can you help me solve this problem
I use only
WAN [1], WAN [2] connection is not currently in use

I made these changes
Retry count: 10
 Retry timeout: 300 second
but this did not solve the problem

I have tried the same for my recount & time out, also with no luck. I only use WAN1. However, when I receive this NSD FAIL WAN [1], it takes my ATM machines "off line". I've tried several options & suggestions & have worked with Cisco tech support, all to no avail. The only way at this point is to reboot my RV082 which then brings my ATM's back "on-line".

There is only 1 ISP for the entire State, (There is no other ISP to switch to) which always says "Our connection is good, your router is bad." I've replaced the RV082 3 times, all cables & even switched to fiber. The issue still stays.

Its just due to your Wan 1 internet is not working. you can check by swapping the connections if connections are not on static IP. if are on static you need to change the IP.

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