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RV110W 1 computer of 4 cannot access internet

My current network consists of 4 computers, 3 windows 7, 1 Windows Home Server 2003. All are wired to a gigabit unmanaged switch which is connected to a Netgear WNR200V2 router.  The router is connected to the cable modem. I replaced the Netgear WNR2000v2 router with a Cisco RV110W firewall which i had preconfigured using another computer. The 3 Windows 7 PC's connected up with no problems. The WHS 2003 computer has no internet access. All 4 computers are visible on the lan and the 3 Win 7 PC can access the internet. I've tried accessing the internet by URL and IP from the WHS with no luck. All computers are assigned static IP's. I've checked all my settings, turned off the firewall in both the WHS and the RV110W with no change. If I plug the Netgear router inplace of the Cisco, all computers including the WHS have internet access. Has to be a setting somewhere in the Cisco router that's blocking the access. IP's for the 3 Win7's are, 41,42. Fot the WHS

Any ideas????


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Re: RV110W 1 computer of 4 cannot access internet

Check the default gateway and subnet mask set on the server. The router does not block a single host access to the internet unless you told it to. You can also try to let the server obtain DHCP and see if it works and moving the server from the switch directly to the router to rule out port failure problems.

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RV110W 1 computer of 4 cannot access internet

Has to be the firewall. In some way I must have told it to block from the internet. I just can't find where that is. I've created a number of inbound access rules for accessing to the server but nothing outbound. I just can't figure where I went wrong. I'd rather not reset to factory except as a last respot.