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RV110W Port Forwarding Still Broken in Firmware

I installed firmware version a couple weeks ago after seeing in the release notes that the port forwarding bug where clients would get 'no route to host' was resolved (one of the original posts found here:

After installing the firmware and confirming it's running I've seen no improvement. I still must reboot my router 2-3 times daily so clients can access the ports that are defined in the port forwarding module.

Please take another look at this - the issue is not resolved and as far as I can tell it hasn't even been improved. Please also let me know of any beta firmwares - anything to put this issue to bed. It's been going on far too long.


Hi Bruce,

I just tested the numbers for the United States and they are working. Where are you calling from?

Cindy Toy
Cisco Small Business Community Manager
for Cisco Small Business Products
twitter: CiscoSBsupport

Regards, Cindy If my response answered your question, please mark the response as answered. Thank you!

Calling from Cleveland, Ohio. The number is working now, but definitely gave me a not-in-service message this morning. I tested just now with redial to make sure I hadn't misdialed earlier.

I've had previous occasion to call that number, and got auto-transferred to some other non-workling number, so I assumed the worst.

I did go through a Cisco Live Chat this morning, and I'm expecting to be contacted by L2 support regarding firmware.


Same issue as the others.  Product installed about 14 months ago, VPN accounts, port forwarding for 80.  Product worked until a few weeks ago when we installed a security system requiring the opening of two additional ports.  Product would completely lock out all incoming requests every 3-5 days.  No VPN, no remote management, no port forwarding.  Only solution is a hard reset or reboot from the interface on the LAN.

Contacted Cisco per the instructions above.  33 minutes on the phone with two different people, finally I have been promised this will escalate to L2 and they will call me back.....?

This is a known problem, the firmware should be available for download.  I have had a lot of Cisco products and have been a loyal customer for many years, but this product has cured me.  The wireless performance was so bad I could not connect at 40 feet in clear line of sight, but an additional access point fixed that issue.  The port forwarding problem is critical and I can only wait a day or so before replacement.


Firmware was received and flashed yesterday.  After it was installed I let it run till today and went over to do a full reset and then reconfig.  For now there are only 3 ports being forwarded.  VPN was not reconfigured, just the basic LAN/WAN settings until I can see if this will solve the issue.


Update:  After approximately 10 days the unit has continued to function normally with the basic settings.  Sometime after New Years I will take the time to complete the full configuration and see if it will continue to work without error.


Cisco: Please PLEASE publish this firmware so I don't have to spend a bunch of extra time in the middle of the day (prime working hours) to talk to support to have them send me the firmware!


Dear all, A new RV110W firmware is online. Please check out.


Dear Zhaoqiang Wang,

thank you for your update!

I noticed new firmware version ( and already cheked it on my RV110W.

I can inform that - Single Port Forwarding is not working!

My steps were:

1. Flash new firmware

2. Reset to factory defaults

3. Set it up again from scratch

Single port forwarding was not able to operate.

After several tries and resets - I had to flash back the firmware version.

P.S. Port range forwarding looks like can forward connections...

Any ideas what is wrong with Single Port Forwarding?

UPDATED: after some efforts we figure out what was wrong.

Rising star


According to the release notes, Port Forwarding should be fixed in this version (long term). Certainly it should work in the short term. Did you test it immediately after you upgraded the firmware or did you factory default the router and reconfigure it right away? I have not seen any reports of port forwarding failing since the new firmware was released.

I recommend that you upgrade the firmware and test without changing the configuration. If it fails to work properly, open a support case so our engineers can take a look:

- Marty

Cisco Employee

Hi Andrew

Can you check your private messages box? I sent a message to you. Thanks.


Hi all,

after some efforts from Zhaoqiang Wang we found out that actually Single Port Forwarding is operating properly.

Only behaviour of port forwarding is changed a little bit in fw in comparison to previous one when accessing Single Port Forwarding resources from internal vlans (like vlan1 - default).

From external network - everything works fine!

Thanks to Zhaoqiang for support! )



Thanks for the update!

- Marty


I applied to 17 routers and have had no problems for two months now. It appears that the problem may at long last actually be fixed.

Hate to re-open an older topic, but I have installed, I did a factory reset afterward and reconfigured the router. It seemed to go away for a while, but I'm still having issues with ports closing up.

Since Cisco had already acknowledged a problem by creating, I would be curious to know the details of the fix, as in what were they doing to cause this to happen? This is important because I may be able to apply it to my usage of the router and determine if there is anything I can do with my traffic to avoid the condition.

Nobody else is still having issues?



Hi Dan,

I am sorry to hear that you are still having problem. The scenario when the issue was recreated it is related to the IP settings of the host (static IP or DHCP reservation). It would be quite interesting to see your network packet capture  when problem occurs. You might install Wireshark (or any other packet sniffer) on the server during the time it is not accessible and run when there is a problem. If you would like any advise on the packet capture please feel free to email me in private message

Or perhaps open support case with our Small Business Center engineer. For your reference contact list: