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RV110W with QuickVPN?


I have been using Remote Desktop to access a small office server. I purchased the Cisco RV110W to serve as a firewall at the office and to create a VPN for better security of the Remote Desktop connection. 

I've followed supporting documentation, but have not been able to make a QuickVPN connection to the router. 

Known configuration and symptoms:

I have added a user/password with QuickVPN protocol to the RV110W, and I have enabled remote management with port 443 open. 

As required by the router during setup, it has self assigned a local IP in the range. I use that local IP to access the setup of the router from a local computer. 

Additionally I assigned an external IP in the range. Because I've previously been using Remote Desktop, I know my WAN router (an NVG510 provided by AT&T) is properly configured to allow IP passthrough to my intended host computer. I wanted to use this IP because I knew it was working, so disconnected the intended host computer from the network, and instead assigned that IP to the RV110W.

I installed QuickVPN on a remote client on an outside network and attempted to connect using the external IP I assigned to the RV110W as the "Server Address", port 443, and the username and password I configured on the RV110W.

This produces "Connection Error - Failed to establish a connection."

Possible causes listed are

1. Incorrect password 

2. No valid IP for the network card

3. Incorrect server address

4. Windows Firewall or IPSec service disabled

5. Local IP address conflicts with the subnet of remote VPN Server

Of these, I believe it can only be cause 3 or 5. 

My Questions:

1. Am I correct that I can assign an IP to the RV110W using the same IP I normally assign to the remote desktop host computer? (so long as this host is disconnected)

2. Am I correct that the external IP I assign will remain static and will be the "Server Address" used by the QuickVPN client?

3. Am I correct that my WAN router needs to allow IP passthrough for the external IP I assign to the RV110W?

4. If I assign a new IP to be the external IP for the RV110, how do I make sure to find a vacant public IP?

5. Could it be that my WAN router doesn't know to passthrough the external IP ( to the RV110W because it is instead using the local IP ( to identify the RV110W?

6. I know I can quickly find my public IP on a computer using a browser. Is there a similar way to find out the public IP for the RV110W when I know is properly connected to the WAN? I assume it should be the external IP I assign, but I would like to verify. 

Thanks for any responses.