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RV120W can't create Access Rules for inter-vlan.

I have an RV120W with firmware  I need to set up some firewall rules between vlans.  I don't see an option for inter-vlan access rules under firewall.


I found this document on an older firmware that seems to have what I'm looking for.


In that document it talks about selecting Outbound, Inbound or Intervlan when creating a rule.  I only have the options for Outbound and Inbound.


I need to seperate my networks but still control some access between.  If this router no longer has this function, I'll need a different one that does.


Thanks in advance.



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Hello Brian,I have setup an

Hello Brian,

I have setup an RV120 here in my lab and checked to see if it had this setting.  On the latest firmware it doesn't, so  went back to 1.4.10, and it still does not have the VLAN option for access rules.

If you'll notice on the page you link it talks about version, which is not available for the RV120W, the closest one was the  I believe the other version number refers to an RV220 firmware version.

Then I noticed that page in the SBKB is for settings on the RV120 and RV220, which while they are similar in most configurations, do not both have inter-VLAN access rules, only the RV220 has those.

I apologize for any mixup here, if you do need this option you can open a case and put in a feature request, although I cannot give you any kind of implementation timeline, or even if it will be added.

Your other option is an RV220W.  We do have several other routers that have this feature, but admittedly the datasheets only say access rules, not where they can be applied.  I am going to compile a list of our routers that have this feature and will post it here once I complete it.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Christopher Ebert - Advanced Network Support Engineer

Cisco Small Business Support Center

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