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RV120W file corruption

RV120W Router

T1 connection through One Communication

Small LAN (~30 workstations)

Windows 2003 Server (DHCP / DNS)

I am seeing corrupt file downloads through both email attachments and file downloads.  Again, its an intermitent issue.  Files are downloaded, file sizes verified correct.  No download errors are reported.  When an attempt is made to open the file, file is deemed corrupted and will not open.  We are seeing this a majority of the time with Adobe and CAD files, and it seems to occur most often when a file is over 100kb in size.

First thought is an MTU issue or maybe the IP packet header is not reading correctly?

Any thoughts?


David Hornstein
Rising star

Hi jason,

I have also heard mention, only 3rd hand was that gmail attachments were also failing.

Jason, be so kind as to open up a new service request with the Small Business Support center (SBSC)  on this issue.

The call will most likely a be escalated  to our  Level 2 folk in Irvine for Case Management to handle.

regards Dave


Hi Jason, I'm an agent at the Small Business Support Center. I have seen this issue before and the fix for this was Enabling Content Filter and Web Components. To do so Select Firewall--->Access Control--->Content Filtering. Enable each checkbox and try to download the same file to see what you come out with. For Further Assistance you can call 1-866-606-1866

I have tried your suggestion and I still continue to have file upload errors.  Any other suggestions?

What type of service do you have?

You might want to have your provider do line tests just to be sure...

The router is very sensitive.  I had to have our WAC changed on the T1 in addition to the setting adjustments.

What is WAC?  Not sure what that is.  According to the Cisco rep I spoke to there is a firmware fix in the making for this known problem.  Hopefully will be resolved in 2 weeks.


I enabled content filtering settings, and checked all the boxes below.  Once I checked them, it actually filterout out those Web Components.  It is very misleading.  I would think checking a box labeled "enable" would mean that content is enabled.  Instead it actually blocked the content by checking those boxes.

Right now I have Web Filtering checked and enabled.  I have the other boxes unchecked, as I do not want them filtered.

I am trying to download a few files now.  I will let you know how we make out.

Thank you.


90% of email attachments and file downloads have bene ok since I made the web filtering change.

We had two files (1 Meg in size) come threw and user was not able to open.  Both were Adobe files.

Still monitoring.

I tried all the suggestions the tech asked to do.  None worked.  He says there should be a firmware upgrade in about 2 more weeks. The more cases submitted the better for all.  They said they are required to come up with a fix within 3 weeks.  It has already been 1 week.  I can only pray they get something soon.


I was experiencing file corruption during large document and video uploads through the RV 120W and was able to fix it by turning off "Block TCP flood" under the Firewall basic settings which I believe is on by default.


There is a firmware due out very soon.  This is one of the issues that was brought up for this firmware to resolve.

Currently, if you enable Content Filtering, under the Firewalls, Access Control and then Content Filtering this should resolve your issue.



David L. Barrett, Jr.

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to drop in and provide everyone an update.

Due early next week we will have a new firmware available for download on the website.

We do sincerely apologize for the delay and any inconveniences this has caused.



David L. Barrett, Jr.

Firmware v is now available in Cisco Software Center:!m&mdfid=282981372

Release Notes:


i looked in the release notes for install instructions. did not find them there. where are such? thx....