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RV120W ROUTER/FIREWALL "cannot display the webpage"

I have a small LAN utilizing a T1 line from One Communications.  Static IP address.

30 workstations.  Windows 2003 DHCP server.

Installed new RV-120W firewall router last week replacing an old Netgear unit.

Setup VPN tunnel on unit, have remote access in for about 10 users.

That part works good.  A tad slow, but acceptable.

My Issue: internet connectivity on internal LAN is in and out.  It is extrememly choppy.

Download and Upload speeds have been consistent (~2.5M/sec)

External Pings show very minimal loss if any.

Users have seem intermitant loss of web streams and corrupt downloads.  90% web activity is ok, but then we keep getting "cannot display webpage error".

NSLOOKUP will show DNS, but occasssionally "TIMEOUT" occurs.

I had provider perform loop-back tests and replace WIC on CISCO T1 1841 Router, but I am still seeing the behavior.

In reading other forms, I am seeing this is a continuous issue with the RV routers.

My settings...

Static IP / DNS on Router.

MTU set back at 1500.  I have adjusted it down incrementally to 1350.

Windows 2003 Server has RV120W address as router / gateway.

T1 to CISCO 1841 ROUTER...  to CISCO LAN via (2) CISCO SLM248G Switches.

I did not setup any port forwards.

I am continuing Line tests on my end, but like I said this issue was not existent with Netgear unit.

Please advise with any setting changes / suggestions.


I would like to thank the CISCO team for their help and support with these issues.  I was able to take a four day weekend without the phone ringing off the hook over IT issues.  It appears that the UDP Flood issue was exactly what was causing our issues with web pages.

We still have an open case due to occassional file download corruption, but we are on the right track there.  I have not had any reports of bad files since early last week.

It has been a diffiuclt few weeks due to these issues, but it appears we finally have a stable network again.  The VPN tunneling into the unit has been getting very good reviews, and I have not heard of any dropped connections.  The LAN side (my fellow office workers) finally seem to like me again ;-)

Again, thank you to the CISCO team.  Your help was greatly appreciated.

Please advise once an "official" beta firmware upgrade becauses available for this unit.


Anyone ever get a response to a solution on this?  I have updated to latest firmware and changed the UDP flood setting as suggested in other posts.  I dont get as bad as others but should average between 22-25Mbps which i get (up to 30Mbps) if i bypass the Cisco RV120w but going through it i get between 10-12Mbps.  10-12Mbps isnt bad but its half what i am paying for.



I just got 38Mb down/2.7Mb up on a Comcast business cable connection, and cpu usage on the router is like < 5%.  I believe this is a 30Mb burstable connection, so speed looks good for me.  We did not get a chance to test with a laptop hooked direct to the modem, so I can't say for sure, but we are getting way more than 12Mb.

On firmware

Block UDP flood is off, pages are loading OK.

Just played with the content filtering feature, and you can bypass it by typing in https:// instead of http:// <- this makes this otherwise good feature useless.

I have a similar connection as for speed but on Cox and should shee the same.  i dont use the Content Filtering so i dont think that is an issue.  I guess i will keep plugging away to figure out the problem.