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RV120W WAN interface doesn't automatically re-enable after WAN connection is restored

I found that RV120W WAN interface doesn't automatically re-enable after a cable pull and re-plug.  I have to go into the Status->System Summary and click the "Enable" button.  Is this normal on this router?  Can I prevent that from happening? I would hope this is NOT normal as this would mean that I would have to be on-site and login to the web interface to re-enable it after a power failure or WAN link loss.


From what I have seen with the router it is normal.

It is another in a long list of issues.

You have to re-enable the WAN after disconnecting or making WAN setting changes.

I have been having some major issues with this router with a small LAN.

Let me know if you see odd behavior when such as IE "page cannot be displayed" errors and corrupt file downloads occasionaly.

I am currently working with CISCO engineering.  It's been slow and painful.


Cisco SUPPORT team ... I would like a reply ASAP!  This is a significant malfunction of the device that results in

outages that have to be fixed on-site, which is UNACCEPTABLE!

If this cannot be resolved, I expect a replacment device to be sent.  2, in fact!


     The issue that you are seeing has been addressed in another post. Please look at the link below for the reason this issue is occuring:

Hope this helps out!


Interesting ... that seems to just point back to another POST that I made several days ago.  Is this an effort to delay

my request for ACTUAL SUPPORT?


If you can't answer the question properly, provide me a phone number to call so that I can get an accurate and OFFICIAL answer regarding this issue.  This is VERY poor support up to this point!



     If you would like further assistance with this, please call the Cisco Small Business Support Center at 1-866-606-1866.


I too have this problem. When the power goes out and is restored, the router doesn't allow for traffic to flow again. I remember having to logon to enable traffic. I am remote today and my wife called to informed me she wasn't able to work. My Linksys WRT54G would reconnect after a power failure, but why isn't a more advanced Cisco branded product (Linksys in disguise) not able to do the same.

Please provide a solution for those of us who run services behind the router (e.g. VPN, email, web, etc). I'm trialing this box before I make recommendations to my clients who are looking at moving from their old Linksys hardware.


I have also run into this and am baffled by it. No network device automatically disconnects and stays disconnected from the network. I keep thinking it is some security setting to prevent access until properly configured. But, once enabled, it should always be enabled. Why is this on the Status page instead of Networking or Port Management? The manual says this button lets you renew a DHCP address if you are using DHCP and other options for other connection types. In my case, I have a simple, static connection. No login. Static IP address.

I'll open a support case if you suggest. However, it seems the device is operating as designed, it is just the design is not documented nor obvious. Help from any and all is appreciated.

I would suggest that you open a case with us at the Small Business Support Center. The number is 1-866-606-1866.


I spoke with the Cisco Small Business Support Center today about this issue. They explained that, in my case where I have a static IP address and no ISP login is required, that it is not possible to have the WAN port re-enable automatically after a disconnect or reboot. I made a request that this be changed in a future firmware release. It seems that (apart from changing how my IP address is assigned or swapping out the device) this is all I can do.

I am one click away from purchasing this vpn router.  My friend told me to check this forum.

I found there are so many issues with this router, and I thought I could work around them.

However, this lack of auto-reconnect after a power outage is a really bad feature.  I plan to connect two offices using site-to-site vpn.   The lack of auto-reconnect after a power outage means that someone has to be on the site in order to re-enable the connection after a power outage.  This is just too expensive in term of operating cost going forward.

I will have to rule out this router.

Te-Kai Liu
Rising star

>I found that RV120W WAN interface doesn't automatically re-enable after a cable pull and re-plug.  I have to go into the Status->System Summary and click the "Enable" button.  Is this normal on this router?

Brian, this is definitely not a normal behavior. When the interface is disconnected and reconnected by unplugging and re-plugging the Ethernet cable, the connectivity should restore automatically. If your issue is still unresolved, could you let me know your ticket number so we can further assist you?

I disagree.  It is normal behavior on this unit to not Re-Enable WAN.  Please read previous posts.

In honesty, I do not recommend this router.

CISCO was great in helping me working through some issues ("Page cannot be displayed errors / File corruption), however they still have not issued a hotfix for these issues, only temporary solutions (for example turning off UDP Flood).

This router is working ok for my small LAN (30 stations).  However for a large LAN's or as a remote connection point I do not recommend this unit.  Too many issues that are not properly fixed.



Thanks for the response. But, as I mentioned in my prior post, this is, unfortunately, the designed behavior for this device, at least with a static IP and no ISP login. Cisco Small Business Customer Support was clear on this and didn't even open a ticket. I asked that they submit a feature request to change this behavior in a future release. Of course, they couldn't make any promises.

One possible source of confusion is the different circumstances that can occur. In my testing, the interface does come back up automatically on a soft reboot. It also comes back up automatically if both the RV120W and the upstream (WAN) device are power cycled together. I believe this is because the upstream device comes up much faster and is up before the RV120W. The case we are talking about is when the upstream device is cycled or the cable is pulled while the RV120W stays up. In this case, the WAN port remains disabled until you manually select the button on the status page.

Thanks again for following up on this.

Brandt, would you let us know how long did you keep the coaxial cable disconnected in order to see the issue? We could not reproduce the issue by power cycling the cable modem alone or disconnecting/reconnecting the coaxial cable to the cable modem.