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RV130W: 4 devices need to use the same ports.

I just started a video game streaming business and have 4 video game consoles connected and able to play online at the same time on my recently purchased Cisco RV130W.

There's only 2 games currently that we are streaming but NAT seems to be a really big issue and is causing connection problems.

I've tried leaving this in the hands of UPnP but it seems that this is an issue that cannot be resolved so simply.

All 4 consoles are Sony PS4s and to connect and play online I need them all to have access to the following ports:

TCP OutboundTCP InboundUDP OutboundUDP Inbound
80, 443, 1935, 3074-3077, 3478-3481,7500-17899, 10040-10060, 30000-4039980, 443, 1935, 3074-3077, 3478-3481, 9293, 10040-100602001, 3074-3077, 3478-3481, 6000-7000, 10070, 50000-600002001, 3074-3077, 3478-3481, 6000-7000, 10070, 50000-60000


At best, I've got a NAT Type 2/Moderate... at worst, I can't even connect.

To answer any questions that may be coming up or rule out any suggestions I have already tried...

  • All devices on the LAN have a static DHCP address.
  • Only one console works perfectly with UPnP.
  • The DMZ can fix one console but makes the NAT or the other 3 unusable.
  • You can't forward the same ports to 4 different devices so I have to rule that out.
  • Port triggering doesn't work because [I am guessing] the TTL on the packets must be too long and is still hogging the ports while other consoles are trying to send data.
  • I made a separate VLAN20 for the consoles so I could unblock all outbound and inbound traffic with a firewall rule and that didn't fix it.  ...that's why I think this is a NAT/PAT issue.
  • I used to be able to get 2 consoles working with my Asus RT-N56U using only UPnP.

All help is appreciated.  I will provide whatever other info you need.

Thank you in advance.


UPnP seems to be implemented

UPnP seems to be implemented very differently with the vendors

I would see if disabling the following on the firewall helps under Basic Settings

as they may also be part of the issue, 

I know that Xbox Live likes to be able ping the wan IP, as for the PS I'd bet things are similiar



DoS Protection

Block WAN Ping Request

IPv4 Multicast Passthrough:(IGMP Proxy)

IPv4 Multicast Immediate Leave:(IGMP Proxy Immediate Leave)

UPnP Allow Users to Configure

UPnP Allow Users to Disable Internet Access


I know that Open Nat for Xbox is something you don't actually want,

as the ones who have open nat end up getting all the traffic, and they are the ones that get laggy

Unless the game they are playing has to be the server host there is no choice for the most part


Also, on most routers in regards to gaming, I've found that one should use UPnP or Port Triggering, but not both at the same time