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RV180 Routing Bug

Hi all,

Had a quick google and a search through these forums and am a little suprised I've not seen a mention of this, unless my searching is somewhat buggy itself, which is distinctly possible.

I've been playing around with the Cisco RV180s for a while now and have come across a problem with the subnet calculation in the static routes and routing table. Essentially, if I configure up a static route for a /16 it's entered in the routing table as a /13. If I add a /24 it's entered in the routing table as a /16. I haven't tested every subnet size and combinations but this looks like a fairly fundamental maths bug.

Has anyone else come across this issue?

As a side note, I notice that the release notes state the removal of SSH Server, however, I can not find any reference to it's existance prior to, did/does it exist in and if so where? .

Screenshots are below and an extract from the configuration file for reference.



From the config file:

route = {}

route[1] = {}

route[1]["active"] = "1"

route[1]["dstIpAddr"] = ""

route[1]["gwIpAddr"] = ""

route[1]["routeName"] = "Test"

route[1]["interfaceName"] = "LAN"

route[1]["metric"] = "2"

route[1]["ipSNetMask"] = ""

route[1]["_ROWID_"] = "1"

route[1]["private"] = "0"

route[2] = {}

route[2]["active"] = "1"

route[2]["dstIpAddr"] = ""

route[2]["ipSNetMask"] = ""

route[2]["routeName"] = "Test2"

route[2]["interfaceName"] = "LAN"

route[2]["metric"] = "2"

route[2]["private"] = "0"

route[2]["gwIpAddr"] = ""

route[2]["_ROWID_"] = "2"

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RV180 Routing Bug

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Hi Richard, my name is Johnnatan and I am part of the Small business Support community.i´ve seen your post, I'm curious about this event.Please call the Small Business Support Center to confirm if this is a bug. Please go here to find the phone number in your country:

I also encourage you to share the answer with the community, it will help for us.


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Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda.

Cisco network support engineer.

“Please rate useful posts so other users can benefit from it” Greetings, Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda. Cisco Network Support Engineer.

Hi,I have the same problem. A


I have the same problem. A solution has been found?

Georges Brassens


Hi,I had an e-mail from Cisco


I had an e-mail from Cisco only the other week that there was some new firmware out that this 'should' have been addressed in, however, I've not tested it yet.