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RV180 settings to use Windows 2011 SBS

I have an RV180W router and I am trying to use the Windows 2011 SBS. It seems like I setup everything properly in order to use the remote access, but when I try to log on from home, I don't have any luck. According to Window's instructions, here's what I have setup on the router side:

1) I turned on UPnP. (they say to either do port forwarding, or UPnP, but I found on the Windows SBS that I had to do both in order for it to say it was working)

2) I have created port forward rules for:

http - port 80 - server as destination ip

https - port 443 - server as destination ip

rdp (custom service) - port 4125 - server as destination ip

3) I have set the server to a static ip.

It seems like I have done everything necessary to make it so that I can connect, but when I go to the ********* from home, I can't connect. When I go to that same link on the LAN, it works just fine.

I'm not sure if it is a factor or not, but I also have setup a Gateway to Gateway with 2 RV180's.

Anyone with experience in setting up Windows 2011 SBS & the RV180 to work together? Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?




RV180 settings to use Windows 2011 SBS

So here's some more juicy info that points directly toward a setting within RV180 being the problem. Yesterday I swapped my RV180 with a Linksys WRT54G and the remote access with the SBS works great!

So I know that it is a setting within the RV180 that is causing the SBS remote access to not work. Any thoughts on what setting would be different from the RV180 and the default settings of WRT54G?

Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts on this!



RV180 settings to use Windows 2011 SBS

In case anyone is curious, I got the beta firmware and it fixed my problems. So if you want to use Port Forwarding, you will want to get the Beta.