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RV180W not routing android devices fully

I have set up the company RV180W cisco router and didn't get my own Nexus 5 phone to connect to all domains. For exemple, since I live in Sweden I try to go to and get the result "No reply from server" but when I go to other sites it they may work. It's always the same sites and apps that doesn't work, for example impossible to sync with dropbox over the wifi.

My phone connects to wifi without problems, so it's something else. I have tried to use a static ip and also Google's DNS both in phone and in router but no change. I have used my mobile data plan since I was the only one affected. Recently however, the company bought a chromecast to use and that made the problem more visible. Sometimes the chromecast is visible and functioning from my Nexus 5 over wifi but most times not. It may help to restart the chromecast. redo the setup but no consistent solution and it always breaks down after awhile. The chromecast refuse to accept cast from iPAd even when it's visible for the iPad.

I have tried the chromecast at my home network and there it works without any problems. My collegue informed me that he too can't sync dropbox on company wifi with his Samsung S3 but most other sites work.

Per instructions to get chromecast up and running I have disabled client isolation, enabled Upnp and enabled bonjour.


Since they are all android devices I suspect there must be a common factor I'm missing. All devices work on all other wifi we have tested.

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Are the MTU settings of MTU

Are the MTU settings of MTU on WAN interface correct?

We are using a DSL line at

We are using a DSL line at the moment and the router was set at 1500 MTU as the carrier (Telia) advises. I tried lowering it but it did not have an effect.

The complete error message for in Chrome on my Nexus 5:

No data received



Does the RV180W  firmware is

Does the RV180W  firmware is current?

Have you tried MTU to 1492?

The webpage works from a regular PC connected to the router?

I have updated to 1.5.4 which

I have updated to 1.5.4 which should be the latest. Tried both 1492 and as low as 1400 with no different result.

Yes, on all non android/google devices I haven't noticed any problem at all.




The problem seems to come

The problem seems to come down to the end device. In this case android. It could be a network setting on device or browser app compatibility.

Another test would be if device works froma different Internet connectivity.

Yes, since we now have three

Yes, since we now have three devices that doesn't work on this network, Nexus 5, Samsung S3 and chromecast. All of them work in the other networks we have tried. I have only tried the chromecast on one other network but the two phones have been working in a lot of networks without this issue.

I have thought that there must be a setting somewhere in the router that I have missed since no one else seems to have had this issue.


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