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RV180w - stay clear

For those of you looking for a router for your small business customers, do not buy the RV180w.  Even with the latest firmware, it is very flaky.  I've configured three of these devices and have had trouble configuring each one. 

Tom Watts

Hi Jeep, can you give some specific examples?

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The management interface is poorly layout (VLAN, wireless settings, logging screen are good examples)

The management interface can be very slow to respond. 

Often the management interface will hang after a config change. 

The device can take up to four minutes to boot. 

According to Cisco support, only another RV180w is supported to create a roaming wireless network and the rv180w is not a great wireless device.

Where can you display what wireless clients are connected?  The dashboard has very limited information.

Can you change the power settings of the wireless antennas?  I have not found this.

The access rules only allow WAN to LAN or LAN to WAN filtering, not LAN to LAN.  

The Quick VPN client has always worked well but only having a Windows client is a real problem.

Same here, just bought a RV180 last week to replace an Apple AirPort Extreme and I spot similar problems, but most of all, the throughput is 60% of what I had with the Apple router. I used to have ~49Mbps downstream and ~46Mbps upstream with the Apple, now I am getting ~30Mpbs at most both ways with the RV180. Yesterday I had to switch back to the Apple as the performance level was unacceptable. Looking for another Router now. Not sure if I can trust CISCO for my next one. Ended up with a RV180 that I can't use.  



I am sorry to hear that have been experiencing some issues with our products.

Cisco is committed to improve its products, so, all your commends will be taken into account for future reference.

In order to report a problem with the performance of your device, I would recommend you to contact our cisco support center and open a case and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you.