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Joergen Thomsen

RV220W IPv6 Tunnelbroker tunnel is not working

With firmware I have had our IPv6 tunnel working fine for a couple of years but it does not seem to work after upgrading to firmware

I have followed the instructions in  43132-Connecting_RV220W_to_an_IPv6_Tunnel_broker.pdf to no avail.

Has anybody been able to run an IPv6 6in4 tunnel with a firmware later than and if yes, how ?

This is also a question to Cisco



Joergen Thomsen

Apparently there is no other way than falling back to again.

It appears, that the real problem is frequent loss of the tunnel connection.

There is no other way than rebooting the router to reestablish the tunnel.

If this could be done by monitoring software as is possible with some other (low-end) routers, it might be feasible, but no this is not possible with this router.


It might explain why I didn't succeed to setup my HE IPv6 tunnel on

But even after downgraded to and factory reset the device, I'm still unable to have a working IPv6 tunnel.

If have followed this how-to and take in account the Joergen remarks on prefix setup.
Devices acquired correct IPv6, but can't route (no ping6 working...)

How confirm that tunnel is up and/or routing working properly ?
I tried with 2001::/64 & 0::/0 for the route to the tunnel.

I have downgraded to with a factory reset and reloaded the saved configuration

From a Fedora 20 Linux I just use ping6 to check


From Windows it is

ping -6



On which version did you initially setup your tunnel ?

There is may be some steps not properly done on a native
Or did you mind to provide me your saved configuration to compare ?


I don't recall on which firmware version I set up the tunnel, but anyway I have fallen back to with a factory reset.

It may be important to follow the instructions in in the proper sequence.

Pay attention to the two entries (different types) in the Advertisement Prefixes section.

In the Tunneling section your tunnelbroker IP-adress will not show up in the IPv6 Tunnel Status Table. I have enabled and entered the Remote End Point IPv4 Address.