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RV220W as a dhcp relay agent

Carl Hilton

OK, I know this was discussed a few years ago but firmware updates may have resolved it..


I have two RV220W at connected via Site-to-Site vpn tunnel... At one site, I have a Windows2008R2 DHCP server at one office that I want to handle DHCP for both offices. Will DHCP Relay work?


One site's LAN is configured as  and the server sits here. The other is Both routers are at XXX.XXX.XXX.1 on their respective LAN's. If the RV220W at 200.1 is set to relay to (the 2008R2 IP address) and the DHCP server has a scope set for, my understanding is that this should work, but it's not...


Also, 10..13.200.1 is set as DHCP RELAY with a SEND TO set as Does the router also need to be set in DHCP RELAY? It is currently set as NONE.






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I'm afraid this is a non supported feature on our Small Business devices and it won't work. The DHCP is considered a broadcast and broadcast traffic does not pass over the VPN.

Also, having this type of configuration, if it was possible, it is really not recommended as you will lose LAN connectivity on both ends if the VPN fails or the other router is unreachable for any reason.

I hope this is helpful.

which is interesting because I have had the scope on the DHCP server set up for a couple of days, and before I turned off DHCP on the 200.1 Router, I saw LEASED ADDRESS in the correct scope some at least ONE request made it across the Tunnel.


My issue is that I want my DNS server to register the DHCP Leases and the DNS entries were not making it to the same server. With the DHCP and DNS server sharing a box, it was easy and all (iphones, ipads, printers, etc) were making it to the DNS service.



I understand your request.

If what you are trying to do is to get all the devices to use the remote DNS, then, what you can do, is to configure that DNS as the main DNS server on the remote router, so all the devices on the remote network will go through the tunnel to connect to the DNS server.

I do have the DHCP config setting the remote DNS server as the PRIMARY DNS server for leased clients. 


Ok, that is great.

So, if the devices are already using the DNS server from the remote network then what else do you need them to do?

What I need them to do is to report to the DNS server... When the Windows Server is both DHCP and DNS then EVERY DHCP client (Win, OSX, IOS) showed up in DNS. When the RV220 issues DHCP, then only WIN clients show up in DNS.