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RV220W Beta Firmware

Is anyone else using the Beta firmware?

There are some improvements.

One can now view alerts and notifications within the software.

Also it appears as if the Protect Link Block Page was reworked to allow direct acces to Trand Micro Website for checking out Blocked URLS.

I also think CPU and memory usage is much improved.

Small Business Support can provide the firmware.


I am using it and this is the first stable beta firmware I had the chance to use since the official release a year ago. Everything seems to be working fine. I haven't experienced any crashes or other problems. DHCP is still slow to assign IP addresses to clients and the initiation of a PPP connection to a modem is also slow. Hopefully, we are going to see an official release soon because it took Cisco a very long time to fix the problems of the release firmware.

And I hope to finally see full IPv6 support with the implementation of the IPv6 Prefix Delegation feature in a firmware update soon and not in another year!

As a general note, I would suggest Cisco to take their non-IOS SMB routers a bit more seriously and bring their firmware development in-house creating a good team with expertise in Linux to utilise the company's long experience in networking. They have some serious competition from companies like DrayTek, ZyXEL, Netgear and others who keep adding features to their routers rather than fixing bugs. If they update their firmware once every year with bug fixes they shouldn't need in the first place, the game is over! As faster networking speeds become available to small companies, software based IOS routers will not be able to satisfy the demands of high throughput unless some very expensive equipment is used which most companies will not afford to buy. Having a line of high performance SMB hardware based routers with Linux is essential and the quality of firmware and supported features will eventually determine the winner since they all use similar hardware anyway.

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I agree with the thought of Cisco needing to take the SMB market seriously.

I suppose some of the issue, like you alluded to is the division of the products between

Enterprise, Enterprise for Small Business, & Small Business.

Enterprise Grade products are Configurable,Complex & not Plug & Play. Their small business counterparts on the contrary need to be easy to use & easy to setup, but instead they retain some of the complexity of their big brothers.

I was advised to buy an SA520, but chose the RV220W because of price.

That said I do like my RV220W over the Sonic Wall TZ100. As far as ZYXEL their product lijne is somewhat limited.

With Cisco I know they have a full line-up of compatible products for the majority of my needs.The products are well built & generally work well with one another.

I do really like the QOS per VLAN on the RV220W as well as the Protect Link Filter. Also the SSL VPN Portal is a really neat idea -it just doesn't work in Windows 7.

Hopefully we see some of the issues addressed in the next firmware update like slow DHCP assignment, lack of clear logs for Protect Link, & an Easy VPN setup wizard. Actually setup Wizards for everything would be great.

Feature Requests:

Port Forwarding Wizard

Protect Link Wizard

VPN Setup Wizard

QOS Setup Wizard (with AUTO VOIP setting?)

Live logs from all systems including Protect Link.

IPS (in a simplified form)

Connect Protect link & Firwall Conten Filtering.

Allow SSLVPN Portal to work with Windows 7, Windows 8, IE9, Firefox, & Chrome.


How does one go about requesting the new beta firmware? I would like to try it out and see if I can get this router working.


I'll post a change log tomorrow, have been using it for a while now. It has been better than some of the other betas I have used in the past. Memory usage is now reporting the percentage correctly.

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Regards Simon

A couple of us are now getting Server Down Errors.

Please see:


Now to see if it is different than the beta?

IME, it shouldn't be because the release numbers didn't change.

It is the exact same firmware as the beta one.