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rv220w blocking my cameras on wifi


I have 2 ssid signals setup at my workplace.

the 2nd one is for all guests and it's isolated from the lan+trusted(1st one) with a vlan feature.

the 1st one is for all trusted devices over wifi. the wifi channel is setup to allow mac addresses of the two asante security cameras. the cameras upload videos to an ftp on my server. the two will connect to the router at first, I can ping them or see them in 'my network'. give it a little time and they disappear.

then I have to power off/on the router or the cameras to make them work for a few minutes. the process repeats.

the cameras make lots of connections to the ftp server. I'm suspecting they're flooding the router and it blocks them.

occasionaly they will come back for a minute or two and disappear again as if blocked/unblocked.

I added their mac addresses in hopes of making them 'trusted' devices.

I've tried them on both ssids.

I checked and unchecked firewall/security checks and icsa settings.

all other devices I tried, multiple phones and laptops work without problems on both ssids and they don't get blocked.

what else can I do?

thanks for any help.


Jens Janssen

This is a "feature" of the RV220. I face this problem from time to time. In may case, the router starts blocking my server connected to LAN port (wireless clients cannot access Windows network shares) and the only reliable soulution I found is to restart the router...

This problem never got really solved for me (what a shame, it is a business router) so I put my server to another location.

But you have several options to make things a little better...

please read this:

1. disable DNS proxy


2. disable Firewall -> Attack Prevention -> Block UDP Flood or some of the other "ICSA Settings"

Thanks for your response. I already tried changing those settings. my home's e2000 blows rv220w away.

Last night I learned that setting up that extra vlan for my guests broke quickvpn-ing to the router from outside. These features are supposed to work straight out of the box.

You know, I read other's reviews on different websites, amazon, newegg etc and I thought to myself how bad could it be? it's got to be some settings that can be fixed. well, after a month of struggle I give up.

I tried calling cisco and after being transfered a few times and finally hungup on I decided to not bother anymore.

I trashed $250 and valuable time.


Last night I learned that setting up that extra vlan for my guests broke quickvpn-ing to the router from outside. These features are supposed to work straight out of the box.

Jack, the above is not a known issue. Do you have a ticket number that we can help look into?

Dear tekliu,

with all due respect for what you people are doing here. But the way you are opening tickets and the way you are providing support for us - the small business customers - is doomed to fail.

We - the small business customers - are NOT getting paid for opening tickets and spending hour after hour on debugging devices.


no I don't have a ticket number as I'm not planning to spend any more time on it. If you have a router that actually works I am interested in swapping it.

You guys should learn from Asus. Go on newegg and notice that most 'bad' reviews get a personal response from an asus rep that will do their best to make things right.

Thank you.