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RV220W Connection Drops Intermittently


I installed the RV220W Router in my office about 2 weeks ago and everything works perfectly for 3-4 days but then my connection drops out and the router must be restarted to restore connectivity.  When I say the connection drops basically the internet connection drops out and my network connections drop shortly thereafter.  Usually the wireless connections lose connectivity followed within a few minutes by the wired connections.

Is there something in my firewall settings that could cause this issue?  I have checked with my ISP to verify there are no problems on their end.


David Hornstein
Rising star
Rising star

Hi Craig,

Could be..a firewall issue. 

In earlier firmware i think the default behaviour of how it managed udp flooding was very tight.  I was a response from a Small Business Support Center technician, in a similar post that suggested;

"Have you tried disabling "Block UDP Flood" under the Firewall Settings and under ICSA Settings disabling "Block Fragmeted Packets?"

regards Dave

I actually turned off the "Block UDP Flood" and "Block Fragmented Packets" firewall settings yesterday afternoon.  I'll report back on the result.  Since the network is usually stable for 3-4 days before I have an issue it might take a week or so until I am convinced the issue is resolved.

My connection just dropped again today.  So apparently the firewall settings are not the culprit.  I am planning to replace this router with a suitable replacement.  It shouldn't be this much trouble to get my router stable.

David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


Do you have the block denial of service attacks?

If so, thats probably what is happening.  If you log into the router when the wan shuts down and see if there are logs showing an attack.

These routers are designed with that function and if it detects an attack it will shut down the wan port to protect the network.

You can turn off this function and risk someone getting into the network.

I share a similar problem: Occasionally (5%), webpages are not reachable.

In addition to "Block UDP flood" and "Block Fragmented Packets" I disabled also "Block TCP flood". Since then I never had troubles to reach webpages.