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RV220W, having trouble connecting to local sever through Internet

I recently bought an RV220W. I run several game servers from a server on my network. With the new router, I can connect to the server with the LAN IP, of course, but I can not connect using the internet IP of the server. I believe it is properly port forwarded, as well as the correct DNS server.

My old router, the Linksys WRT160n, had no troubles. It was also port forwarded properly.

Any suggustions? I can provide any information that would help resolve this issue.

Jens Janssen


the functionality is known as NAT loopback or hairpinning. Please search the forum for that. A new firmware solving this issue is en route.


Im still waiting for the new firmware. Any date ?

And what are people doing while waiting ? Any solutions ? I have many laptops configured to access our servers (mail, FTP, Web, SSH) and I really need this now !


If you need a fix right away, please give a call to the Support Center, asking for a beta firmware.


I will call them tomorrow.

Thank you.


I got the beta firmware and hairpinning works fine now .

And btw, the modified GUI/menus are great !

Thanks Tekliu/Cisco

Which version number ?

I have firmware with the same version number here, and hairpinning is definitely not working. I have many different domains and those not entered into the hosts file are connecting to the router.

I was expecting a new firmware before august 3. The "beta contract" says something like"You cant use this beta firmware past august 3" (yes I will find the papers later, its somewhere around me ).

Anyone from Cisco can tell me about the "august 3" end date ? Should I just ignore it ?


Hi Marc --

Good question - gald you asked. We are working fast and furiously to make the new firmware publically available. Anticipate it's another month out though. Please continue to use the beta firmware.

Thanks for participating in the Community,

Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business

Please, make sure, that it includes the fix for the hair pinning  / NAT loopback problem, which according to my information, still has not been addressed.

I consider this to be a major problem, as this feature has been available for years in any router we have used.

It is preventing access to the local services using wi-fi and as wi-fi is only used locally this is obviously a problem.


It works perfectly on both RV220W I have (20 computers (half on Wi-Fi) + 2 Android phones and 3 Linux servers).

I have 3 websites, 2 FTP servers, 2 mail servers, 2 SSH servers and a few other services all available behind the firewall (using URL or the WAN IP address, it doesnt matter).

All my hosts files are empty and I dont use different profiles.

I just cant see why it doesnt work for you.

Did Cisco agreed there is still a problem ?

It is definitely not working here. Neither on LAN nor WLAN.

Only by modifying the hosts file with local LAN addresses it is possible to access the local server on the LAN.

No access rule nor static routing rule changes this.

1) Which firmware version are you using ?

2) Which WAN connection method? Subnet or PPOE ? We use a /30 subnet

I too installed the firmware a few days ago, and can confirm that hairpinning is now a thing of the past.

At first I thought there still was a problem, hitting the management site in my initial attempt to access a website via external URL, but after editing the firewall rule (withouth making changes to it) and saving again, it started working.

I use clients on android platforms for exchange mail, and they're working via wireless without a problem.