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RV220W Invalid Certificate Error

When I access setup on an RV220W with Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Safari the following message always displays:

"There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.

The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address."

I access the router by clicking on "Continue to this website (not recommended)."

This also happens anytime a URL filter is triggered by a client. I.e., clients do not see the "Blocked by Cisco Firewall" message unless they also click on the "Continue to this website (not recommended)." option.

Even worse, when I attempt to connect as a VPN, the SLLVPN applet gets java connection refused. This is why I bought this thing!

What do I need to do to fix all these certificate related errors?


1 Update to latest fw since the old one has a nasty bugg that will give you bigg trouble when trying to upload an 3rd party ssl certificate. I lost 200$ and 3 weeks or error searching with cisco support that in the end did not solve my problem.

2 Get an ssl certificate from a public ca. Im using godaddy. They are cheap and works great on my rv220 model.

3 When you access your router use the external adress that is used as CN for your certificate. The rv220 has hairpining that will allow you to use the external adress on the inside. I can access my router on name internal and then i get no errors. If i use my internal ip adress of the router i get an ssl certificate warning.

So basicly update to latest fw, get an public ca cert that is trusted by your browser. Use external adress.



I got an ssl cert from GoDaddy and can't figure out how to properly install it. There are two .crt files and only one valid Trusted Certificate slot.

Can you outline how to install the cert on the router?



You need to install both certificates.


Security --> SSL Certificate.

Upload the certificate that includes your domain name, ex You can open any of the two certificates by double clicking and checking it's entries in windows.

Second you need to upload the intermediate godaddy certificate. You need to upload this on the " Trusted Certificates (CA Certificate) Table"  For me this certificate was included in the zip file from godaddy and was named "gd_bundle.crt"  with an thumbprint of "7c 46 56 c3 06 1f 7f 4c 0d 67 b3 19 a8 55 f6 0e bc 11 fc 44 " You can also find it here

You can also check the adminguide for more details regarding howto install an ssl certificate.